Wow…this seems like quite a BIG one. Okay before anybody judges me this quote or expression was not coined by ME per se. I am sure some of you might have stumbled upon it someway somehow. Personally, I stumbled on a meme similar to the caption which actually reads ‘We live in a world of smart phones and stupid people’.

‘Ermmm excuse me? I use a smart phone alright but am in no way stupid!’ was my remark. I had immediately assumed this was referring to me just by ‘personalising’ it. I mean it is not like the person who put this meme up directed it to me by tagging me or mentioning me in the post. Phew! Silly assumptions on my part! BUT after reflecting on this for a while, I think there was a point beyond its harsh outlook.

Mobile phones as a communication device we all know have come a long way in terms of branding and all. I mean at first, it was the Nokia 3310’s, Motorola and the likes with the basic functions of receiving and making calls, texting and other related stuff. Fast forward to about 5 or 6 years ago was the emergence of the Android, Windows Phone and Iphones among others. With the inception of these new kind, ALMOST everyone craved to have the ‘new era’ phones and most eventually got it (I mean with the exception of those who could not afford it or those who did not care about the ‘new era phones’). These phones could be used for literally everything particularly INTERNET SURFING. I mean we would not expect less at a time where internet is almost easily accessible to many people.

Now this ATTITUDE of finding out what’s trending, replying every single text from that friend who chats once in a while, sharing that video which probably isn’t APPROPRIATE, scrolling through all those messages you missed in your numerous group chats on WhatsApp and what have you is of major concern. Now, I wonder why people cannot FIND time to do all these somewhere in the day but RATHER choose to do this whilst crossing the road, walking on a busy street, doing an important assignment and other things which are SERIOUS BUSINESS! I am a CULRPIT too in some of these instances and in no way trying to exonerate myself. But you see these things that we do BEING CONTROLLED by that tiny or large device could cost us a GREAT DEAL.

I mean I have heard stories of people being knocked down by cars, some end up with brutal injuries or minor ones or some dying in the process. My dad for one always complains about how the craze of phones are these days as he recounted of how he had to be in ‘traffic’ one time just because this guy was crossing the road and was on his phone and probably forgot where he was. Thus, cars coming from all angles had to wait for him to finally cross the road before proceeding. What if the first driver in the supposed traffic decided to ignore this boy, knocked him down and he eventually died? How pathetic! What was soo important about that message he was trying to reply or that email he may be reading that could not wait? Really? In exchange for his life? I am not saying there is a right or wrong way to lose one’s life but you will agree with me that some deaths are preventable and in this case, this ONE is included in that list. I mean I don’t know if it is a way of these people trying to tell drivers or people walking in the streets to tread carefully or whatever but hey! that is not solely one person’s duty but you as well should register that in your LONG TERM MEMORY.

Apart from this craze, people spend too much on the accessories of mobile phones these days compared to the days of the old. I remember a friend of mine giving me a description of a particular phone case to buy for her and I was like SMH (Shaking my Head)…all that covering including screen protectors which mostly costs loads of money! Now, I am in no way saying it is a ‘bad thing’ to beautify your phone like any other thing but what makes me wonder is when some people are almost naked but have their phones all covered! The IRONY!

I once saw a group of ladies and a gentleman in the city centre during the winter period and judging from the day and time, my best guess is they were going to the club (FRIYAAYY!). Though the gentleman was all covered up, the ladies were in skimpy dresses, with their hands covered around their bodies (signifying they were cold) yet their phones were covered! Now, I did a bit of digging and I was told that in the clubs, you are charged for bringing extra clothing along…let’s say for someone to keep watch over your clothings whilst you are LETTING YOUR HAIR DOWN! (That’s some smart move especially when they know people will definitely come along with some jackets and all judging from the weather!).But how wrong they are to include people such as these ladies above. I may not know exactly why these ladies refused to wear jackets whether for the sake of saving the little money for something better or whatever. But what could be better than your health?? Exposing your body to such cold could result in some terrible cold and fever which could cost you your job or inability to do CERTAIN things (You will understand only if you have been knocked down in bed by a terrible cold before). In other words, if you saw the need to cover your phone to keep it NEW all the time (I mean a phone you will replace probably in a year or two) then why can’t you cover a body which is soo precious which is DEFINITELY irreplaceable!

I mean I could go on and on. One funny thing I realised is, some people strive to have these ‘smart phones’ which cost a lot in most scenarios yet can hardly fend for themselves. I mean why do you have to TRY TO BELONG? Then you find yourself on the streets after your landlord sacks you from the house because of instead of using that money you saved up to pay the rent , you THOUGHT it will be nice to also SHOW THEM THAT YOU ARE ALSO THERE. Who benefits and who loses in the end? I know of a guy who was squatting (staying with someone for a while) with a family friend due to family issues. I mean they were kind enough to not only provide housing for him but also food, care and protection without taking money from this guy…I mean he was not working. Now, this guy is offered a huge amount of money after doing a translation job. What is the most sensible thing to do? Be courteous enough to at least give the money out for the upkeep of the house. But as excited as he was, this was the right opportunity to purchase a brand new phone he had been targeting for a while! Alas! his prayers have been answered. But wait for it….It cost him his shelter. He was sacked from the house for this ‘act of stupidity’. How sad!

There are so many examples I could list where people choose a ‘smart phone’ at the expense of their life, health, accommodation and other things. I, with all HONESTY state here that it is not worth losing anything precious just because of a MOBILE PHONE…It is an inanimate object, your life is just one. If you lose it, that’s it! You cannot go back into your mother’s womb to be born again not even with the concept of reincarnation. I mean even if you did, you will MISS on a lot. Why not act WISELY by doing things at the RIGHT time. After all, the Bible even says in Eclessiastes 3:1 it says there is time for everything under the sun!

Please feel free to share and drop your comments and suggestions as to improve the blog. Love you all. God richly bless you!



  1. Hahaha “why must you Try To Belong “……it sums it all up. Funny thing is people complain of economic hardships yet don’t even know how to make money from the so called smartphones📱they own….. Be smart and use a stupid phone than to be stupid in your pursuit of belongness….

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  2. Seriously, after reading this I am challenge to switch my smartphone to a simple phone. There is nothing more precious than our life not even the smart phone. We living in a world were everyone base their life on likes, followers e.t.c all with the help of a smartphone. Thank you for bringing up this few notee.

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