Note I did not say POLITICS, I said ‘POLITRICKS’….the tricks, deceit, lies and empty promises citizens have to put up with all in the name of the BETTERMENT of the country.

I am sure no matter the continent, race or country we have all come to REALISE that politicians normally don’t deliver ALL they say they would. Sometimes they DONT do ANY of what they said they were going to do. Is this justifiable? Well maybe.

You see we NEED to come to the realisation that one person’s promises cannot necessarily CHANGE our lives or TURN our lives around for good. Well let me highlight (in case you disagree). Look at it this way, let’s say you have received a prophecy which states you are going to be a millionaire or you will fare well in life. That is a PROMISE or should  I say WORD OF MOUTH.. but you see though miracles DO HAPPEN, God is no MAGICIAN. Though you have received this, you need to ACT upon it because the BIBLE even says, FAITH without ACTION is DEAD. So in a nutshell, it is OKAY to have faith in that prophesy but RIDICULOUS to think that you will wake up in the morning to find yourself in a MANSION or have a dream that you were driving a car and then wake up and find yourself ACTUALLY driving that same car (I will be scared!)…In summary, you cannot RECEIVE a prophecy and REFUSE to WORK towards it and EXPECT RESULTS.

But I believe that is how sometimes people perceive the promises and plans of politicians. Irrespective of who runs the country (whether it is your party or not), that is not going to make you rich neither is it going to solve your problems. They may CLAIM to be PROBLEM SOLVERS but let’s be HONEST, how many of the problems do they ACTUALLY solve during their term of office (though they CLEARLY stated in their manifestos that they were going to). I very much often do not blame them…I rather blame the kind of system or should I say society we have been raised in.

We are not trained to be problem solvers, entrepreneurs, critical thinkers but rather always looking up to another SON of MAN to provide WHOLLY the SOLUTION to our numerous problems . So what happens if they fail? They are titled as LIARS, OPPORTUNISTS, DECEPTIVE or whatever. Very good! But wait, aren’t they just reflecting the society they were nurtured in. Of course they know that for their education system to be better it DEFINITELY has to be THE GOVERNMENT, for them to have a good road system, THE GOVERNMENT, for BUSINESS START UPS..aha THE GOVERNMENT. Everything, THE GOVERNMENT. But who comprises the government? Isn’t it PEOPLE chosen out of the PEOPLE? They are also probably waiting on the World Banks, IMFs and other countries for help or probably lied to you and are waiting for you to come to terms with REALITY!

You see, I KNOW that the GOVERNMENT makes policies, implement them, make rules and laws and all you can think of. But we NEED to know that at the end of the day, some people will be satisfied while others won’t. Does it make them a bad government? Maybe it is a way of saying it’s high time you started looking for that job and stop eating and sleeping just because the government promised jobs. You have to LOOK for the job and NOT the OTHER WAY ROUND (whether they delivered that promise or not). If you have BAD ROADS in your vicinity, you could come together as a community find ways of means to improve that road and stop expecting THE GOVERNMENT to do it for you (when clearly you can see the HANDWRITING on the wall that they will not!). When you pass by a food joint on your way home from work and they don’t have your request..you have an alternative to change your request OR probably PREPARE YOUR OWN FOOD. And in there lies the problem with many people.

I am not saying don’t join a political party or don’t put your trust in the political party of your choice but don’t for ONCE think they coming to power means EVERYTHING is going to be FINE (that could be an EXPENSIVE JOKE)…We would not be too DISAPPOINTED in the unfulfilled promises of politicians many a time if we come to the realisation that we also have the POWER TO MAKE OUR LIVES BETTER and not FULLY entrusting that POWER into someone else’s hands.

These days, no matter the economy one finds him or herself in, there are PEOPLE still making it BIG. Ask me who these are and I will GLADLY tell you they are ENTREPRENEURS or like I call them PROBLEM SOLVERS. You see it is not good enough to identify the problem (as that is what we are mostly GOOD at doing but rather SHOWING the way OUT of the problem). And these people are not ONLY creating CHANGE but have made life BETTER for themselves and in the process made others lives BETTER (ripple effect). And am glad to be in a generation where a lot of inventions and start ups are encouraged even in universities and more people are EMBRACING it which is a GOOD thing but as they always say THERE IS MORE ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT. Probably if these things are more than they are now, we won’t have lots of graduates competing in the graduate market for jobs after years in the university of learning techniques and measures of SOLVING REAL LIFE PROBLEMS (which is mostly NOT applied after graduation and they end up in the vicious cycle of poverty!)

Immediately we hand over the key to our problems to someone ELSE to unlock them, we ARE also part of the problem itself, because somewhere in our deepest thoughts lies the SOLUTION. Maybe, just maybe they are not ‘POLITRICKCIANS’, the ABSOLUTE power we have granted them over our LIVES, may just be TOO MUCH for them to HANDLE.



Thanks for reading. Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section. God bless you all!

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