My Thoughts on THE WAIT (A Book by DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good)

Hi everyone, first of all, sorry for the long break (Yep it’s been about 3 weeks). I have been quite busy for these past few weeks. I will try my best to keep up with the blog as best as I can.

So for the past few weeks, I have been engulfed in ‘THE WAIT’, a book I first saw a friend in uni reading earlier this year. At the same time, I was reading another book so I told her I will read right after her (AFTER YOU, AFTER YOU…..primary school vibes). Soon, I realised that was not going to work so I decided to buy a copy for myself on Amazon and see what THE WAIT is actually about.

I actually do not read many books with high expectations…..not only books but almost everything I do. I wanted to finish and see if my demand has been met or it was just not it! Well, I can say it did meet my expectation…specifically because I am also a firm advocate of ‘No sex before marriage’. Aside the biblical viewpoint, I consider it as a firm decision and a logical thing to do and whoever I end up with MUST respect that. You see, we live in a very deluded generation whereby what is ACTUALLY right is seen as bad while what is WRONG is hailed….Lord have mercy! But I am one person who does not allow everyone else’s opinion affect my decisions. I am very strong willed and would like to keep that aspect of me for LIFE!

Now, one thing I really found interesting in the book was that first of all celibacy is not necessarily the same as The Wait though it is a first step. This is basically due to the reasons surrounding being celibate at one point in time. For instance you could choose be celibate just because you feel all the men coming in your way are not good enough for you to give in thus immediately you find the one you really ‘love’, then you sleep with him. The Wait is unique because it is an ‘intentional promise or desire to flee from all manners of sexual immorality, trusting that God will bring you your partner for life in his own time!’ So it is not as easy as it sounds…First of all there is the Trusting God Element (Faith), Trusting in HIS TIMING (which is a struggle for most of us) and in the midst of that DOING the work that you also have to do in preparing you for MARRIAGE.

One thing I got from here is, abstaining from pre marital sex or being celibate (or whatever you wish to call it) does not NECESSARILY guarantee a GOOD marriage. That is just one part of the whole equation. So you don’t just sit down, cross your legs and be SIPPING some tea expecting God to do what YOU are supposed to be doing! After all, FAITH without WORKS is DEAD. And that is why one thing that was really highlighted in this book which is very important for anybody who wants to get married is to BE IN TUNE WITH GOD and CULTIVATE A PRAYER LIFE (Of course not just because of marriage but in your daily living).

Some of these seem easier said than done but in reality it is the truth. You can’t want something from God and behave as if you were at loggerheads with him….well you may not agree but that is the vibes you will be giving HIM if you don’t COMMUNICATE with him on a DAILY BASIS but show up only when you are in TROUBLE or IN NEED…He speaks to his children in prayer and His word which is the very reason why we should stay in touch with him at all times and not when we feel like it.

One of the things they also did that I really loved is the fact that there were sections where either of them DeVon and Meagan will share their own perspectives regarding their past relationships, when they met, while they courted among other things. Thus despite your gender, stage in your courtship or whatever, there is something that you could relate with.And honestly, I thought they were very open with their experiences which is something not everyone no matter their level of spirituality is bold enough to do. I applaud them for that.

I would want to end with one peculiar thing that really tickled me somewhere in the book. I think it was when DeVon talked about the fact that he told a marriage counselor they both went to see that ‘I will not marry a smoker’ knowing very well that at the same time Meagan was struggling with that and wanted to stop. According to him, this came out wrongly and I am sure it did because upon finding out that aspect of her (prior to seeing the counselor), he could have just left because probably as a pastor or a spiritual leader what on earth will he be doing with a woman who smokes? One thing I got from there is he felt in love with her as a person and not what she was into at that particularly time. He looked beyond that aspect and saw a future together with her. Thus, I deduced that if God is connecting you with someone who has some attribute or habit that might piss you off at the present, it might be for a reason….probably with your help that person will CHANGE for the better (bearing in mind that the person must want change for themselves FIRST) because with DeVon’s help, Meagan quit smoking. Now, this is not to say, SETTLE FOR LESS, and that is why you should be in tune with God to know if you are actually wasting your time or you are actually with someone he has purposed for you. Be Clear about the DIFFERENCE.

I could go on and on with many things I liked about the book but hey I don’t want to end up writing another book of The Wait  here. I honestly suggest y’all get a copy of the book, read and understand things for yourselves. After all, we can all read one thing but read different meanings into it. The WAIT is definitely WORTH it. God is ROMANTIC. He is BAE. Never forget that! Don’t RUSH ahead of HIS Timing. Seek HIM and leave everything into HIS Hands (Matthew 6:33).

Thanks for reading. God bless you all. Please don’t forget to share and subscribe.

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