‘So Far, So Excellent’

Hi everyone,

First of all let me apologise for the looong break! I have been very tight going here and there, doing this, doing that. But I hope to be more consistent in the coming weeks.

I am in New York at the moment and so far, it’s been very good. I was here for a conference at the United Nations Headquarters which successfully ended last week Saturday. I love being in such places where there is positive energy and everybody has something significant to offer. I am chillaxing and exploring other opportunities here! (don’t jealous me o! lol).

2016 was a great year for me no doubt. I mean I had my own down moments and series of disappointments but I am still here! That’s the most important thing!.I hardly talk about my personal achievements especially on social media but I will briefly talk about some here just to give someone out there a heads up. Last year, I won 4 awards both in university and outside university which was truly an honour for me. At the moment, I have been shortlisted for another prestigious award which is very humbling for me. After graduating last year, there were so many thoughts running through my head especially with the mentality our society has that finish school, get a job, get married and life goes on. But I decided not to follow any laid down societal pattern. I had plans of doing my masters but I decided to take a break on that and explore the other options I had in mind.

With travelling to other countries on my mind, I discovered certain pages on Facebook which has kept me really busy for the past three months which include Opportunity Desk, Youth Opportunities, Jobs/Internships/Trainings, Opportunities for Youth, Youth Environmental Opportunities and My Your Opportunities which have some really amazing opportunities for anyone wanting to explore other countries and make an impact (Try and check them out!). I also started this blog which I have found rewarding so far…(getting experience from this for the bigger opportunities coming up). Within this same period last year, I became a private tutor with Tutora which I have found rewarding seeing my students satisfied with my teaching (I miss them now!). I also got contracted to work with a Translation Company which is something I have enjoyed doing for so many years so was not too tasking. Around November, I got the opportunity to travel to Qatar for a research conference; another experience I would not trade for anything.

I decided that this 2017 is all about exploration. Yes! I want to travel to as many countries as possible via the conferences and opportunities I have applied for, begin my business ventures, travel to Ghana (my beloved country), go higher and higher and higher in all aspects. I cannot spill everything here, but in all God has been so good to me and I cannot thank Him enough. I cannot wait to see all the blessings He has in store for me in the coming years. However in all this, I would not forget to mention hardwork, resilience, prayers,being disappointed  here and there, failures and all…but I always say whatever is meant to be yours can never be taken away from you. Work hard till it becomes a norm to work hard. Above all, I am glad I inspire people around me and someone can look at me and say ‘You are gem’. That’s priceless for me.

I am reminded about the fact that I am not here to be ordinary but Excellent in everything I do because everything worth doing is worth doing well!

I hope you enjoyed reading this short kind of reflection of the previous year and what I have been up to whilst I was away. We are already almost halfway through February and I pray all your dreams and aspirations for the year come to pass. Stay tuned for more interesting topics coming your way. Watch this space :).


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