The Harsh Realities of Life: Deal With Them

Life is harsh. Life is tough. It is not easy. I am very sure you have heard these words over and over again. Yeah! In as much as it may sound cliche, that is the TRUTH! I am sure at a point everyone has their own fair share of them. Others’ own may seem ‘way too much’ but because it seems does not mean it is the worst thing that has happened to anybody on earth.

Personally, I find it amusing when people think I have it all together. Of course, it feels good to think you have all you need as said by another person when it is only you and your God that knows the REAL deal. Over the past few years and couple of months, I have gone through some rough patches which have not been funny at all. One of them which is very frustrating is the inability to get funding to do the ‘many’ things that I want to do. The truth is that there IS money in the system. Anybody who says there isn’t is a LIAR….Quote me. But the problem is how do you get it? Everyone’s hands are ‘tight’ or better put stingy. I find myself writing emails to people I know for a fact that can be of help but hardly will you even get a reply. And I won’t even buy that story that probably they don’t read emails. Trust me…they do! Those who get to respond too, it is nothing encouraging! I was telling a friend of mine of how someone I know personally blocked me on Linkedin just because I asked her for funding for one programme I wanted to attend. In fact she went on to block me on Twitter as well like it ain’t that deep! If you can’t help someone…just say it! My friend kept on laughing at me but I was like this ain’t funny at all…It reflects the kind of society we live in. When I achieve something great everyone is quick to congratulate me..including this person who blocked me….but when it comes to investing in the same person financially, everyone runs into their little corner. How pathetic!

Society cannot blame me or any young person out there for being too ambitious. But one thing the ambitious person will have to learn quite early is that ‘You won’t always get what you want even when you think you have all it takes’. Sometimes, it takes the exceptional Grace of God like I put it instead of saying luck. I don’t believe in luck. I attended a forum recently and I was talking to one of the participants and she mentioned that most jobs have a ‘political’ thing attached to it and thinking about it…it is actually TRUE. You see certain jobs could be posted but it could be that these jobs actually don’t exist or there is someone that job is actually for or something else. These are synonymous to jobs within international organisations and other big firms. You may agree or disagree but it is what it is.

Of course I am human. Sometimes I also sit there and in my head assume some people have it all together and then I beat myself up for not getting all those things I need. But I remind myself that life deals with all of us differently and that my time will come. Sometimes I just learn to thank God amidst all those storms especially for those things in the past he did for me. Just to keep my hopes high that; If He did it before, He will do it again (In Tye Tribbett’s voice).

Basically, this post goes out there to encourage anybody going through any rough patch or phase in life. It could be anything really but just wait for it…your TESTIMONY is coming soon. I recently joined this Halleluyah Challenge initiated by a Nigerian Pastor and I have been blessed especially with people’s testimonies which is somewhat encouraging that very soon, God will meet me at my point of need as well as anyone reading this post. The disappointments have been many promise and fails, frenemies, rejections, you name them but God IS always there and that is why it is important to TRUST him for all your needs and not man.

Grow by learning something out of all those stormy seasons so that when you eventually get what you have been waiting upon, you can apply wisdom to it.

Peace and Love,


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