New Series Loading……..and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! :)

So its been a year since this blog came into existence! This feels so surreal. But I am thankful for you all…for reading, commenting, liking and sharing! God bless you all!

So, I would like to introduce some sort of series. Like talk about a particular issue in different parts so for instance it has been a little over a year since I completed my university degree and  I feel someone out there will benefit from me sharing my experiences. I feel like sometimes someone needs to hear something from someone so they do not do something that could have been avoided…and I am just about that!

So the first series will be titled UNIVERSITY DIARIES…..Please feel free to let me know the particular areas you would like me to touch on and let us make this fun and interactive!

I have very great plans for this blog…seriously! I have a very busy schedule…I just started a new phase in my life and I am very excited about it! (details to come later)… Please watch this space for the first part of the UNIVERSITY DIARIES…..

Happy anniversary to US! Cheers to many more years.

P.S Thinking of giving the blog a facelift….Coming Soon!

Love you all.

Gertrude (Geezy is my nickname! lol!)

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