University Diaries, Episode 1: The Beginning…..You Will Be Fine!

I was super excited to gain admission to University of Leeds….I did not know too much about the University but from what I had heard and researched after my admission, it was one of the best in the UK….at least my hardwork had paid off…..All those times I had to be writing my personal statement and at the same time preparing for my final year exams in secondary school…..September was here and the holidays were over….Time for University!

Ahh… I still remember my first day in university! Haha…so clueless and wondering Oh My God…How am I going to survive here? This is very normal especially when you find yourself in a new environment. You begin to have several thoughts in your mind ranging from how you will cope with some annoying lecturers and boring lectures, who your flat mates are going to be, how you are going to miss home (especially when you cant be bothered to cook all those home made dishes)….you know you know….

In my situation, starting university also meant experiencing a new type of culture and learning how to embrace it. To me, it was going to be one hell of an interesting adventure…no matter what happened. Of course during the Freshers week, there were series of programmes scheduled for freshers to get used to campus and prepare them for the life ahead…..for me it was 4 years! One of the programs that stood out for me was that about ‘Culture Shock’. I mean it is REAL! You may go to another country or environment probably thinking you are still in your old environment because of course it will take some time for you to adjust to the surroundings…..but whilst adjusting you may encounter someone or something that could throw you off balance.  So in summary….I was in Rome so I needed to do what the Romans did or were doing. Truly most of my fellow first years enjoyed the play which touched on the subject on Culture Shock…..

For my first year of university, I was going to do a Foundation Year Programme for my degree in Economics….like I was confident I will not only pass but excel! (I am a Gey Hey girl after all….) In fact after my first meeting with the Programme Director he told me the grades I needed to get and in my mind I was like,,,’Oh this should be easy!’ From the mouths of past students of the Foundation Year Program was….‘You will be FINE’! I  am sure many of us have heard this many times especially when we have began a new journey or faced with an obstacle among others….These four words carry a lot of weight and also could mean different things to different people…..

For me, when I was told that….I understood it that I needed to do what I was supposed to do…that is work hard and be hopeful and at the end I will reap a good harvest…but to another it could mean that oh…..’it is not really a big deal…after all what….’ Your way of grasping something that is meant to give you hope or motivate you is also another thing you need to be careful about.

When I talk to students who came after me for the program and even to other people and I say ‘You will be fine’, I expect them to understand it in the way I deem it…Go for those lectures, do your assignments, submit them on time, ask questions, be involved in extra curricular activities etc… do those things that will let you succeed in the end!

The bitter truth is we were all told this phrase ‘You will be fine’ but we all had different results in the end….Some passed, some did not, others excelled! The wisdom is in grasping the information, not being carried away too much and doing the needful!

Did I like the University….HAHA of course!…Infact I grew to LOVE it in the end! Did I think I was going to survive there…Possibly….the interesting thing is, it gave me vibes of my secondary school in Ghana and so I was ready for this phase. But….this was just the BEGINNING.……there was so much more to come….and for some things that happened….BRUH! I WASN’T READY!

Stay tuned for the next episode of University Diaries in the next few days…..Let me know in the comment section what some of yor thoughts were your first day on your University campus…..or some of the topics you would like me to touch on…God Bless!

Gertrude (Geezy is my nickname!)



2 thoughts on “University Diaries, Episode 1: The Beginning…..You Will Be Fine!”

  1. Enjoyed reading this very much ! So relatable ! First days are always exciting and scary for me ! And I should know, moved to 6 or 7 countries so definitely had that first day experience a couple of times but obviously the scariest first day was the first year of uni!
    Thankyou for this pleasant reading hope to see more soon !!

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