University Diaries, Episode 2: Be Open Minded :)

Yes, it is a VERY important one. In fact being open minded is not only an attribute needed in university life alone but in life as a whole. Let me break it down.

First of all, do not for anyday think that your degree automatically translates to what you will be in future or your career path. This is a very common misconception people have and I feel it’s high time it is dropped like it’s hot! The thing is university just as life is a JOURNEY! There are many twists and turns. You could start off reading Geography and along the line your interests may lean towards Law. The reason for this change may not necessarily not be a fault of your own but it is part of life…..Like they say Change is the only constant thing in life.

Thus the bottom line is you will need to be able to EMBRACE change especially when it comes along. Because that might be the particular thing you need to push you towards achieving your goals in life. Whilst I was in university, I attended career fairs a lot….well until somewhere around my second year when I could not be bothered anymore….With the many representatives from different companies I spoke to, I realised that what they were doing curently has no correlation with what they studied in university….For instance, I met people who studied Electrical Engineering in uni but were working with Deloitte as a Consultant, also people who studied History or French were working in the Human Resource or Financial Industry. In fact most of these companies will normally ask for a 2:1 and above, certain key skills and don’t care about what you did in university.

So the point is if you dont really know what you will do after university at the beginning, that is normal and there is no cause for alarm. Even when you are about to finish and you don’t know, it is still fine. Just be prepared to try out new things and not be too stiff like….I studied Mathematics so I have to get a job as a Mathematician after university.

When I read the stories of successful people, they always have to start from somewhere…with something little. They never outrightly become what they had in mind to be. Don’t be pressured into thinking that you are on the wrong path just because you did not get a job related to the course you did in uni, it may be a training ground, it may be that you need to develop certain skills, it may be that through that job, you will actually find what you want at the end of the day, it may also be that, the current job is actually what you are supposed to be doing really.

No matter what, just be open minded and focus on the positive sides at the end of the day. Where I come from, you are normally told to do a particular course because that WILL GUARANTEE you a good job immediately after university….which is translated to…YOU HAVE MADE IT! Though this may be true for certain courses such as the Sciences….it does not cut across! Education is supposed to improve upon a person’s creativity such that they may go into other areas of passion other than something they studied in uni. For instance, someone who studied Accounting and Finance might also have a talent in Arts and Designing and as such may decide to become a Graphic Designer.

The bottom line is we never know what tomorrow might bring forth…we may be very sure about how things will turn out because we planned very well…but like we all know life does not really give us what we think we expect always….So the best thing is, some parents, family members, friends, lecturers and others should stop telling young people what they will or will not become because they picked or did not pick a particular course or subject. Advice is great NOT imposition or authoritavely telling people off! Risk taking is SOMETIMES needed in life!

Let me know what you think….Please like, comment and share!

Gertrude 🙂

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