The ONE Summit! Be Part of the Movement!

ONE! #PovertyisSexist #ONEYouth2017 #EUbudget2018 #TheONEcampaign…..

These hashtags were trending on social media a week ago! Yes, the youth ambassadors include myself were very active and passionate in using their voice to end poverty in Africa by 2030 and more importantly reducing the number of girls who were out of school.

(Right now, there are 130 million girls out of school worldwide….with over 51 million in Africa alone….If this were a country, it will be the 10th LARGEST in the world….these are all potential politicians, influencers, entrepreneurs, entertainers, lawyers, engineers, doctors and what have you…..ACTION IS NOW!)

I am very elated to be part of such a movement. I still cannot believe the Summit is over! Such an honor to be in the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium on the International Day of Eradication of Poverty (17th October) to negotiate and discuss with these leaders to vote for EU budget aid in 2018 towards girl child education in Africa. This aid, of course, has financed the education of many girls in Africa, Carribean, and Pacific in the past….and the quest to cut it now will not augur well for these girls…I am hopeful if not all most of these Members of Parliament we had discussions with will vote in support of our movement…I am confident about that!

The 4-day event saw over 200 youth ambassadors typically between the ages of 18 to 35 coming from most European countries, USA, Canada and Nigeria to add their voice to the ongoing ONE campaign with the slogan Poverty is Sexist. Some people may find it hard to understand especially when I posted something related to the ONE campaign on my Instagram page one time and someone was arguing with me about this slogan…..(we are just basically saying that educating girls especially is imperative for a family’s development which in turn is important for a nation’s development). This is in accordance with what one Kwegyir Aggrey said that ‘If you educate a man you educate an individual and if you educate a woman you educate a whole nation’. It is not necessarily because that of boys is not necessary but the tradition of boys being superior to girls has seen many boys in school when girls are outside school taking care of the home…due to poverty.

It was an exciting four-day summit. Met amazing people who I plan to stay in touch with! Had amazing conversations….and of course contacts! The energy was on point! It gives me so much joy that young people are now much involved with such global issues…and of course adding OUR VOICE….It is no longer the responsibility of government leaders or politicians alone….it is the responsibility of all of us to speak up for CHANGE.

l am also supportive that ONE asks for nothing but your VOICE…that my voice will go a long way to end poverty in Africa and get many girls in school as soon as possible or as long as it takes….

You don’t necessarily have to be a youth ambassador to be part of the movement but you can just go to for more information and how you could also add your voice. I was actually involved with ONE in the form of subscribing to receive emails and signing petitions before applying to become a UK Youth ambassador (I got rejected the 1st time I applied but I gave it another shot two years later).

This has given me the urge to also start some of my projects related to this very soon…God help me! Can’t wait to see what comes forth!

Thanks to the ONE UK team especially for holding it down! You are all awesome and very much appreciated.

With much LOVE,


P.S. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding this. I will be very glad to answer all of them.


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