University Diaries, Episode 5: So Much Fun, Many Friends…..

Ah well…everyone likes to have fun isn’t it? Even for those who are too serious all the time…once in a while it’s OKAY to let your hair down….Well, Life is too short to be serious all the time init? But on a more serious note, if you are not careful, you might lose balance and begin to have too much fun which might cost you a great deal.

I don’t know about other universities but in Leeds, there were many events and parties for students especially during the weekends….some of them happened every weekend others during the weekdays. It was quite common that many students get drunk to end up skipping lectures, seminars or other important commitments which in the end may have an effect on their academic life….

The most important thing is you need to understand that you can’t do anything about those wild parties being organized or not…you have to be disciplined to understand which ones to be part of or not. Also, the need to apply the concept of ‘opportunity cost’ (well I am an Economist so I might as well use some terms). So imagine you have a deadline for an assignment in the next few days and you have two parties or even student events to attend on those same days. The opportunity cost of attending those parties is your assignments undone and vice versa. The problem is whichever choice you make, there is a consequence. Leaving an assignment to the last minute and spending about few hours to complete may result in not tackling the assignment very well and as such getting grades lower than you should have had. However planning your time very well and dedicating ample time for the assignment and afterwards using that party to cool off may be the right thing to do which will certainly pay off eventually…that is if you don’t want to compromise when it comes to your studies.

In relation to this, friends will play a vital role in your life whilst in university. In the beginning, I was acquainted with some people in some classes but of course as time went on, I hardly saw many people and it was those who I really clicked with that remained my friends throughout. I am a type of person who does not fancy having lots of friends…from experience, it is too much trouble and drama….I was privileged to have very few friends who were there for me especially during hard times, who I could share some personal stuff with, who we could cook together, eat together, have some fun together and all that…and of course motivated me to stay on top….I am trying hard not to mention their names but I am sure they know themselves (My Naija people!).

In having all those fun times too…whether too extreme, moderate or whichever your choice is, make sure you are not lagging behind amongst your group of friends. My Maths and Science teacher told my class something in our final year of high school. He said..’Know that at the end of the day you all came from different homes and you all met each other and have created friendships and all sorts…but when your final results come, everyone takes theirs to their respective homes’. This was very relevant at the time especially as some people who were not very academically good befriend the very good ones yet won’t tap into their knowledge but rather just mess around with them and at the end of the day, they end up at the losing end the most. This is very applicable at any stage of education you find yourself. Make sure you are surrounded by people who can help in academic progress as well as other aspects and when you are ‘chilling’ together too you are doing so with sense.

At the end of the day, we may not get it right sometimes which is okay due to our fallible nature. You may, one day, be carried away by one night out you had and mess things up for a particular week or semester. The wisdom is in realizing where you went wrong, righting those wrongs and strategize your next moves so as not to fall into that same ditch again. But when it becomes a repeated action it becomes a habit….like someone said ‘We are what we repeatedly do’.

It will be very sad on your graduation day to realize all your friends are graduating on top of their classes whilst you are nowhere near that (when you know you could have also attained what they had). There is WISDOM in knowing how and when to draw the line between having fun and wasting your future…..The CHOICE is YOURS!

2 thoughts on “University Diaries, Episode 5: So Much Fun, Many Friends…..”

  1. I agree with you Getrude! In first year we all start and as the years goes on very few stays on the race. You must iddentify what is your goal early and set up measurable targets. Do a retrospection often and improve on your work. Seek help from various structures available in campuses. You will know before times come if you will be graduating or not.

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