I decided to pause with the University Diaries and resume next week….or maybe later this week. So I made a tough yet very necessary decision this week and would like to share what I learned out of it with you all.

I am sure we have all heard those motivational messages which have told us to keep on going, never give up, and what not. That is TRUE….very true….but sometimes when you can’t help it or the situation is draining you that much that it’s driving you crazy….please understand what you can or cannot take and walk away…MOVE ON.

I recently quit a job…I was so excited to have been offered it but nope..far from that! I quit in the beginning before it’s too late…Someone would have said oh do it for some time and maybe you might grow to like it….I had that thought too..but I would probably have been depressed if I had done it longer than I should…I know the best is yet to come! I have always gotten something BETTER the moment I walked away from something I disliked…yes I needed a job…I needed the money…but my sanity and happiness are more IMPORTANT.

Recently, I lost a close family member….I have been mourning in my own way…by being very reflective….I think we sometimes don’t know how short life is to be pursuing things just for money sake…or still be stuck in jobs we hate or whatever…Oh! Only if we KNEW how short life is! If money could bring back this family member I am sure he would have been ALIVE today…but no…It is important we start LIVING and stop EXISTING…nothing good in life comes easy…so it’s high time you started pursuing your OWN dreams like today was your last day on earth and stop thinking of what society, your parents or whoever will say.

Unless you move, nothing can HAPPEN. LIVE….THE TIME IS NOW.

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Gertrude 🙂

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