University Diaries, Episode 6: HELP! I HATE my Course!

Me I won’t lie o…I said this at a point….because the pressure was too much for me. It’s one of those things…No matter how you claimed to love your course and all that it comes with…I am pretty sure there will be one or two modules that will annoy you so much that you wish you never took that programme or course in the first place!

But looking at the bigger picture we cannot always be distracted by a singular aspect of the whole dream, goal or ambition….This and many other reasons are why some people are never successful in life…Now I know there are exceptions…I know people who have changed courses either in their 1st, 2nd, 3rd semesters or even the beginning of their 2nd year…sometimes these things must happen…because some people may have genuinely made a mistake from the onset.

However my blog post today is targeted at those who mainly love everything about their course yet when it gets very tough (especially in 2nd or final year) they feel the next best thing to do is to look for an escape route (either leave university or switch to a seemingly easier course). The thing is…no course is entirely EASY…I find it very funny when people perceive certain degrees relatively easy compared to other popular ones that may seem demanding. No matter the course you are reading, there comes a time when it seems VERY difficult…but if you ask any graduate or continuing student…they will talk you through what they did to scale through the most difficult times during their studies.

Of course different strokes for different folks…there is no one size fits all! When I had the urge to quit somewhere in my 2nd year….I thought about how far I had come…I thought about the fact that I will disappoint myself and also not fulfilled the main purpose for which I came to the UK…These thoughts were more personalized than about others…For instance I was not really concerned about what other people will say…including my for them…first they will be disappointed and of course, talk about it for several months and eventually stop….What outsiders will say…that was very irrelevant…The fact that I had my future self to thank for, for my determination and resilience made me forge ahead even when the desire to quit was there in the midst of frustration.

For others, they have to still hang in on there because they may be doing it for their parents…Yes, I know some people who are not pursuing the courses they really want to but because their parents think it is what they should do….in this instance even if you hate that course…trust you have to PRETEND well. For others counseling will do…again make use of Student Counselling Centres…It is for situations like this that is why such places are there for you to go to.

Finally…It is not always about the content of your course that really matters..when you complete it…it will make you grow as a person and you would have built certain skills that are important for life…it will teach you that it will not always be about what you enjoy the most but finding strength and excitement in a situation whereby it is clear you are NOT happy…Happiness should not even be about whatever situation you find yourself in…IT IS A CHOICE…

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