University Diaries, Episode 7: Exams Is Not My Thing….CourseWork? Don’t Know Either!

Raise your hand up if you have ever been guilty of this. I would like to say this quickly that do not stress too much when you sometimes feel you are not doing enough or you just don’t know what is going on…I have been there done that!

I think it was either the end of my first year or so…I was like okay….Now I don’t know anymore. At first, I thought coursework was the best because it gives me much time to research, plan and really nail the assignment. It was going on for a while then there came a time where I thought well maybe I prefer exams as I was doing much better in exams…the reason is I could study particular topics, go to the exam room, sit there for an hour and a half, two or three hours, nail it and then I am done! Yet I also got to a point where I performed better in coursework than exam….So I was like Okay, so what do I do now?

In this instance, I had had a taste of both situations and concluded that whatever the situation is, whether exam or coursework I needed to make up my mind that I am going to really do it well and get a good mark…That is the attitude we all need when it comes to performing a role or a task…even if it does not go the way you want…at least you TRIED.

But sometimes, I won’t have it. I make comparisons of past actions I took and the results I had which were not so good and concluded that this is also going to be the same. I remember a time in my second year, on the last day of the exam, I had two papers to write. I have never had that before coupled with the fact that it was second-year too…the stress level was too much. The night before the exams I hardly slept. In fact, I was in the library throughout the night with other coursemates. Everybody wanted to nail their papers.

The exam day came, I was all smiles went in…and nailed it…well that is what I thought! Results came and I was like wawu! What went wrong? I thought I had done so well and as such deserved nothing but the best mark….I quickly thought; ‘I hate exams…coursework would have done it for me’. But I have been in a situation when it was a coursework and it also did not go as planned.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nailed assignments and exams before…there was no cause for alarm. However, when I did not see the fruit of my labor….I tend to think if it was either exams or coursework I would have performed better.

Truth is…this is life. You can be confident you will be successful at doing something but it turns out you won’t. It does not mean you begin to shift blames on other people or all the other alternatives you thought you would have rather been successful had you tried those. Anytime something did not go as planned, I think to myself what will make it better the next time around…

I needed to learn a lesson right there. STOP thinking too much when your harvest is not as BIG as you expected. STOP thinking it is the end. It only ENDS when you say so. Don’t have that mentality that of shifting blames especially when things go south.

There will always be exams. There will always be coursework. As long as you are a student. Irrespective of your expectations or reality have a positive attitude nevertheless. It ALWAYS helps.

1 thought on “University Diaries, Episode 7: Exams Is Not My Thing….CourseWork? Don’t Know Either!”

  1. Thank you Gertrude. I think we should learn to be flexible. Be able to perform avrage at list on either option. Be very good at one but not zero at the other. WHY? As you grow out of varsity it doesn’t mean you are done studying. Because you have to stay “argile” in your job, (grow with technology, learn new ways of doing things, inovate, be fast in learning and ambrasing change, train others). Now your job will conditioned what type of course you have to go for.
    Be like a sponge, no mater how you get squizzed down by a course, you learn (absorb) and get back to your normal shape.

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