University Diaries, Episode 9: Final Year Stress…What do I do?

The final year is a bit scary and a happy moment simultaneously…of course you are happy you are drawing closer to the end of your studies…at the same time, you have to strategize properly to ensure you nail your thesis/dissertation and your final exams and courseworks…no matter what it takes (YES!). This is the moment where you would probably have to do away with irrelevant partying, outings or even positions that you might hold in a society or what have you to have maximum time for your studies…at least to boost your GPA to get you closer to the classification you want…either a 1st, 2.1 or even a 2.2.

During such period, you would probably find or have a new best friend that you will be spending most of your time with…the library! Personally, I was not too much of a library person. I would only go there if I have to borrow books or use high demand books for a specified amount of time or maybe have a group meeting. There were other places on campus I preferred doing my readings. However, for one reason or the other, that automatically changed in my final year….especially with the buzz of a new library on campus…almost everyone wanted to study there and of course to occupy a seat I had to be there by 8am latest every single day! 😦

It was fun and stressful at times…Spending almost the whole day in the library unless of course, you have some classes…burying yourself in different journals, articles online etc for the dissertation, leaving in between to probably see your dissertation supervisor…like it got to a time I was like…honestly, I AM TIRED. The consolation I got was when I had conversations with some of my friends on my course who would also say they were also in a similar position…I mean they could be telling lies but hey! at that particular moment, being comforted with a lie was very soothing to my ears…

However, I just had to press on…obviously without passing the dissertation, there is no way you could graduate…and there was no way I would come this far to disappoint myself like that in the very end! That spirit of laziness had to be force! especially when it got to a time where my supervisor would send me an email to send him something…(That was the height of it!). I was further motivated when I heard someone on our course had already submitted their dissertation three months earlier (How did they manage to do that?….Proper Planning and Time Management I suppose).

The truth is every student is bound to face some challenges in their final year. The fact is making it to your final year is even huge because not everyone does. Trust me, 2nd year is so much of a hell that if care is not taken…you will surprisingly miss final year…people always do. But getting there means you are good enough to make it to the finish line…so the ball is in your court! You can’t afford to let the side down (like my former headmistress in secondary school would say).

People have different ways to nail this last phase. Some people who used to learn alone would now prefer learning in groups…(can’t afford to do that..never works!). Others too who used to learn in groups would now learn individually. Others too would combine both depending on the necessity. The fact is go with your own flow…whatever works for you. Make time for your exams (if timetables work for you…go with it) whilst working on your can’t afford to succeed in one and fail in the other…all round success is the priority at this stage. You should be close to your supervisor as much as you can (especially if you happen to have a very nice one like I did). It could relieve you of some of the stress. (Just to add this in here: Please make sure you choose a topic which really interests you, it will do you a whole lot of good).

Finally, in as much as you want to do well and all that, it is okay to have some kind of fun once in a while. You choose your own kind of fun to destress with boundaries! Final year will always be final year..but be prepared to face it…Have enough sleep, wake up, pray, slay those exams, courseworks, dissertation and then live.

Thanks for reading.

Gertrude 🙂




2 thoughts on “University Diaries, Episode 9: Final Year Stress…What do I do?”

  1. Love catching up on all your write ups. The uni diaries is sooooooooo relatable. Gosh i remember the times i had beefs with God, all the prayers and cries. eeei lol. But now they’re good memories and it all came to a good end. Keep on with the writings. Proud of you.

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