University Diaries, Episode 10: Graduation Day is HERE! Am I Ready to Face the ‘World’? (FINAL EPISODE)

BOOM! The D day is here…the day we all probably anticipate at the beginning! I mean you always have it the back of your mind that one day you will complete that stage of life and then go into the ‘world’. Back in secondary school, I repeatedly heard the world, the world, almost everytime my headmistress spoke…in my final year especially. I never understood it and still did not even after secondary school because I went straight to university.

Having graduated from university now…I have a fair idea of what she was trying to say but I guess it came too early!

I could not believe I was graduating…It felt so unreal…It might sound cliche but I will still repeat that I did not think those 4 years will come very quickly like the way they did…But how time flies huh! The dissertations were over, final exams, everyone had seen what they were graduating with…unfortunately some were not graduating…(IT IS PART OF LIFE). The ordering of gowns, photography, for the ladies dress, shoes, makeup, hair you already know! It is VERY STRESSFUL because you want to make sure the whole journey ends on a good note and of course you end in STYLE.

Months leading to my graduation day, I was very nervous…What am I going to do next? With my background, you are expected to either continue with your Masters or get a job. I remember I was so keen on the former such that during my final year I had already made some applications and gotten some offers but to be honest…I did not even think I was doing it for ME…I just wanted to be ME.

It so happened that as part of a university residential event I attended just a month before graduation, I had a conversation with one of the organizers of the events who happened to be someone I was quite familiar with. I was able to talk from my heart to him that to be honest graduation is almost here and I don’t know what’s next. He told me one thing that really struck me…’Your whole life is programmed for you till you graduate from university’. Then he added…’I advise you take some time off..maybe travel or do something you will probably not consider doing…just try new things and eventually you will see what works for you.’ I was like YESS! This is it… I don’t need to fit into anybody’s laid down principles of what I should do next…I need to listen to myself the more and come up with what I REALLY WANT TO DO.

Graduation came and went of course very quickly…I nearly missed mine because I wanted better than I got but hey at least I have completed university and the ‘world’ was there for me to conquer. No restrictions or limitations! I decided what I wanted to and I started doing…(I will blog about what I have been up to after I graduate later on…)

Thus, to everyone reading this who is probably anticipating graduation in a few months but still feels nervous…please understand that it is okay to feel that way. We all did! But be rest assured that your plans may actually never go through…it is NOT a curse, it is REALITY. This is because life may not always give you what you want..after coming out of the shell of university…you will be susceptible to many pressures of life, harsh realities and lessons you may have to learn quickly! It may or not break you…but continue to learn. Never STOP learning…You may have left uni but as far as you are still alive you, my dear friend will always have to LEARN and GROW hence.

Whatever you end up with after university…don’t see it as the END…LIFE just began. In the end, We will all be FINE.

P.S If you are sure about working immediately, it is advisable to start applying for jobs whilst in your final year…It will save you a lot of STRESS. If it’s Masters do the same. It is NEVER advisable to leave it to the last minute. Then again, if they don’t work out immediately as you wish, it is LIFE.

Thanks for sticking with me through these diaries…hope you enjoyed it and took a thing or two from it. What was your favorite? I may add a bonus one? Watch this Space!


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