First of all Merry Christmas Everyone! I really hope you are all enjoying Christmas and gearing up for the New Year as well!

Where do I even begin from? 2017 has been very INTERESTING…in the sense that I have been bold to achieve most of the things I really wanted to especially after graduation last year summer…and I am thankful for that!

I have traveled to different countries for different conferences, programmes, events and what have you and made some amazing friends from all over the world! I could not be more thankful for that! I have experienced a different culture! What more could I ask for? I have been through some challenges (bruuh!) yet God gave me the strength to overcome…

I have learned more about myself, getting to know myself more and more…discovering who I really am…what I can take and what I can’t take, my values, principles, and perspectives. I have learned to smile when the tough times came, I have learned to pray even when I could not or did not even feel like. I have learned to delete some people permanently from my life, I have learned to forgive people who offended me (even though I may not be friends with them like I used to), I have learned that everyone who says they will be there for me won’t necessarily be there for me when I NEED them. I have learned at the end of the day LIFE always has a way of teaching you lessons that you really need at any particular stage…whether harsh or mild…you still have to learn.

I am thankful for being bold to put many of my plans into ACTION in 2018. Yass! Time for some REAL goals to be achieved! 2017 was preparation grounds and I pray God help us all to be GO-GETTERS! Dare to dream and ACHIEVE.

I would like to end this post by thanking some people who have been very instrumental in making this year both a learning curve and a blessing to me…I LOVE YOU and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

Ojoyi Ocheche, Bisola Babalola, Dasola Amokaye, Salwa Rogers, Benedicta Uweru, Victor Ogheneovo, Ade Omisade, Esther Bondzie, Nana Ama Agyei, Aresi Orgle, Roland Abuntori, Manar Al sagob, Janos Csala, Carina Kampter, Tina Reiner, Narcy Negrete, Najma Mohammed, Mimosette Lerebours, Sandra, Delight, Andrea Ruiz, Grace Oforiwaa, Sol Macias, Wislene, Women4Africa, Natalie Cofie, Enoch Boateng, Christiana Obodai, Philip Gyimah, Barbara Aboagye, Sandra Atakora, Elizabeth Osei, Dorothy Kings, Gideon Osei, Godfrey Sakyi, Mimi Agbada, Alvine Mfuapon, Lisa Osei, MY FAMILY and MANY OTHERS.

Appreciate people who have helped you on your journey. It is very important! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I wish us all the best in the years to come! Love you all and thanks for reading and supporting my blog! Greater things ahead!


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