Happy New Year Everyone! I hope we all had a splendid holiday! Well, I tried to…the most important thing is remembering the essence of the season; THE LOVE OF GOD FOR US AND HIS GIFT TO US, HIS SON JESUS CHRIST (Well at least that is what Christmas means to me).

I hope we all charged for the year ahead. We all know about the New Year, New Me stuffs…In as much as I do not agree with this stuff (because you CANNOT automatically become a new person because you entered a new year), I believe you could set realistic goals to become a better person each and every year…just because we are human beings.

This brings me to the topic of having a vision board. Since secondary school days, timetables hardly worked for me. Even when I managed to do it, I always find myself studying another subject instead of what I am supposed to be studying. Well, even in university I still struggled with sticking to having plans or goals for a particular semester or year just because I let things happen naturally though of course, I have my plans/goals in my head.

However, somewhere in 2017, I attended a forum with other amazing young women from all over the world and prior to that, we were told to make a vision board which I was not so keen about (I just hurriedly did something upon getting there)…I was however intrigued to see other people’s own…the attention to detail and the work that had gone into it. I then thought to myself oh wow! I probably need to know more about this. During the programme, a couple of people agreed to present theirs to the rest of us and I was really impressed with how intentional they were about pursuing their goals and not just that but what they were doing to make sure it happens.

Then I thought to myself maybe I should create a vision board for myself….especially for 2018. I will try my best to write those goals down, how I will achieve them and more and by so doing encourage other people to do so as well…

So I know today is the 4th January but it is not too late…you can create your own vision board, you can be creative with it…however you want it…paste it anywhere in your room or somewhere you could see it everyday so that it keeps you on track. Remember to pray over it and try as much as possible to keep it personal..(not everyone must know what your plans). Trust me I am certain it will pay off.

This is my NEW YEAR gift to you all. Let us be intentional about pursuing our goals this year and become better people. Stay tuned for more updates….


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