The Enemy Within

Life is one piece of puzzle…I am quite certain even after death we would still not understand certain things just because it is not everything that is meant to be understood.

Because life is quite mysterious…in fact very mysterious you cannot know who is against or for you at a particular point in time. In retrospect, I am referring to those people we refer to as friends, best friends, sisters, loved ones or even family. My grandmother used to say ‘The head is not like a pawpaw that you could cut open to see what is in it’….very true…even the Bible reiterates this when it says ‘The heart of man is desperately wicked’.

You see, we can’t say we will or can go through this life all by yourself…even Jesus had friends when He was on earth though he knew the nature of man…in fact he predicted that his friend and disciple Peter will betray him which came to pass eventually…so you see even Jesus suffered the consequences of friendship how much more us?

I recently read a story online…in fact, it happened back in 2012 whereby a young lady returning home from work late in the night was attacked with acid on her face by her childhood friend…a best friend! I still do not know the exact reason for the act but I read the attacker was jealous of her friend as she got all the attention when they were out together and also the fact that her friend ‘snatched’ her boyfriend or whatever sometime ago. The truth is whatever her friend did to her does not give her ANY RIGHT to do that to her…Of course, she looks very good now but that SCAR will always be there…She will always remember when she looks at her face in the mirror what ‘friendship’ has cost her.

What am I saying? Open your eyes and check your inner circle…I am sure that if you look closely you would know those to cut off and those to keep. I am sure if this girl did just that, she would have seen signs of jealousy from the friend who attacked her. Don’t be naive in thinking all your friends are genuinely happy for you when you are always winning, just got married, just had a baby, just traveled abroad and so on and so forth. Of course, they might pretend but watch their actions as they say ‘Actions speak louder than words’.

Personally, I have many people I can strike a conversation with…talk about general things and afterward, everyone is off…no phone calls, text messages nothing! But when it comes to MY friends they are very few….and I mean few…Among this few, there are people I will share intimate things with and some I won’t at all due to certain reasons. Ultimately, there are some things that only YOU should know…you should send to your grave…because remember your friend has another friend who has another friend who is NOT your friend.

Due to certain past experiences especially in recent times, I am very mindful when it comes to having friends…Naturally, I am anti-social and yes I like it. Because who many friends epp (help)? I would rather have 3 genuine friends who I know have my back than 20 friends who I can’t even trust. I once read a story about a man who gave his wedding invitation cards to his father to share. Of course, his father devised a plan, He called all 150 to 200 friends and told them that their friend (his son) was in trouble and as such needed their help. Apparently, only 50 showed up meaning they were his REAL friends.

Having 1500 friends on Facebook, 10000 followers on Twitter, 5000 followers on Instagram does not equal ‘friendship’. When trouble comes that is when you would know those who are really for you thus the saying ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’. The year is still young, maybe you should start evaluating those you call friends in your life.

Be vigilant like the snake and wise like the ant. #A word to the wise is enough!


Thanks for reading. Have a productive week!



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