I sometimes sit back and cannot believe I am almost 25….like…….

I still remember when I was in primary school…those days when life was very much easier…well at least you do not think about finding a job, paying bills, making tough decisions here and there etc. It was almost like you were not experiencing LIFE that much! I remember going to school holding my lunchbox, playing ampe (a game played mostly by girls most Ghanaians can relate to)…when someone does something that ‘bad’ especially in school that everyone is gisting about it and can’t wait to see what happens. I remember one time a senior three years ahead of me hurled a stone at my classmate which ended up on his eyelid just because my mate had gone to demand his own eraser which this senior came to borrow…(well there was a misunderstanding which led to that but really??)…We all couldn’t wait to see the outcome…well this senior was laid on a table and whipped in front of the whole school….(that was not too much of a surprise…)

High School was very much the same…just that I was much older…entering the teenage years…the very tough years are here and mehnn it was tough. You will hear stories in the school of what some seniors did and all sorts and sometimes my mates…There was a time where some girls in my class were ‘dating’ guys in senior years…hmm that was the ‘ish’ of the moment. I remember one incident where some of my mates who were prefects were demoted because they had gone swimming at a hotel and allegedly been seeing to be engaging in certain acts deemed ‘inappropriate’…. At the time it was quite embarrassing but thinking of it now….But all in all, it was fun…Going home after school was really fun with my squad…we could spend about an hour on our way…talking about almost everything that happened….(for another time)

Secondary School was also another phase on its own…but I LOVED it. The beginning was hectic I wanted to leave…I cannot even put it into words but probably very soon I will do secondary school diaries…(should be more fun and I will probably let some of my friends and classmates feature on the blog). I made some amazing FRIENDS I still keep in touch to date and plan to keep forever!

Completing university was quite recent…which I have already talked much about in detail!

Childhood was fun, Adolescence was fun but quite challenging, now as an adult…hmmph I wish I sometimes was not in too much of a haste to complete one stage quickly. For instance, when we were in primary I sometimes could not wait to go to high school then I could not wait to go to secondary school then I could not wait to go to university then I could not wait to get out….then on and on and on…

Growing up, I have come to appreciate enjoying every moment and not rushing to the next stage because once it is gone that’s it. I cannot rewind time and go back to Primary 2 and become that 7 year old again. There are some things that we will never get the chance to do or become again…I always tell these young folks, stop trying to act 23 when you are just 14…appreciate childhood and act like you are one…so that you become 23 and miss becoming a child again.

I miss those days when children were children and the TV was interesting with various shows that were morally upright and taught lots of lessons…the days when the world was a bit better than it is today.


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