Just NOT Motivated

Have you ever been in a very tight corner or situation where no amount of motivational messages or whatever it is makes sense? Like you have just had enough of it all? Let’s be real. For instance, you are unemployed and been submitting thousand of applications and still get rejected or trying to pitch a business idea over and over again but to no avail, or dealing with the loss of a family member or whatever? Then you go to church on Sunday and your pastor preaches about God being faithful and God will come through for you and all that…Like you catch my drift….and you are just there like yeah yeah ‘We know….and we have heard this over and over again…’ Like not doubting HIS power but when will he come through for me too?

It is fine to feel that way…sometimes if it helps just cry…sometimes just let all the emotions out…it never helps to bottle it all up because you just feel tense, stressed and depressed!

No joke, but at one point in life we all have to go through a very rough patch and it could be anything…you name it. When I hear news of people committing suicide, I sometimes don’t blame them at all (I am not saying it is the best option but we all have different strengths and how we can handle the things life throws at us). Some time ago, I heard a story of a level 100 university student who committed suicide because she had bad grades and felt very depressed.

When I first read the story online, I was like Seriously! I mean we all have had bad grades at a point in uni but you always have to find a way to bounce back so what is the point of killing yourself..I mean you are still in your first year and still have more years ahead of you to make things better…But you see, for this girl maybe there are other reasons which could be attached to self-esteem…there are some people who just cannot see themselves attaining some marks in assignments or coursework or whatever but personally I have come to admit that there is more to life than getting the best grades all the time…I am not saying it is not good to get very good marks but sometimes we dwell too much on the situation such that we do not pay attention to probably what we have to learn out of that situation…Trust me, in every situation there is ALWAYS something to learn from it. Some people had bad grades, learned something out of it, moved on with their lives and became GREAT…it is unfortunate that, that was not the case for this girl.

Whatever it is that whoever is reading this might be going through if it helps please talk to someone. Yes, you can pray and fast about it…that is if you are a Christian but whichever the case may be, talk to a trusted person anyways. Then, they could probably give you some guidelines as to what to do…What they tell you might not be the solution to your problem but at least it may make you feel better probably for the moment and train your mind to think that so far as you are alive and have the strength to go through every day, you will make it.

Until you move, you would not have an idea as to what is at the other side of the tunnel.

Thanks for reading!

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