The Quest to be ‘Employed’ in Today’s World…

Sigh!…Just some few minutes ago, I took to LinkedIn to type in some words to employers/recruiters to take note of….or to LISTEN.

This is 2018..there are millions of young people going to school to finish and be employed by someone else….the deception we have believed or better put been made to believe is that go to school, finish and then go work for someone…then Voila! You have made it! What a sad joke!

I have been having conversations with some friends and we have come to realize how saturated the graduate job market is and the unrealistic expectations employers/recruiters put on fresh graduates out of university…How do you expect a graduate fresh from university to have 4 years of experience to perform a specific role? Are you being serious? Aside from all the skills they must possess and what have you…Like seriously? I always say that some of these HR people did not possess those skills at the time they finished university or better still don’t possess those skills even in their many years in their career but expect a graduate to ‘magically’ possess all these skills….how AMAZING!

The word out there is ‘the job market is tough’…but it is human beings who are in charge of everything on the earth (like God made it) hence making things tough and then blaming it on something called ‘the system’. As far as I am concerned human beings make up the system as such human beings can change how ‘harsh’ the system is.

The end result is there are many graduates chasing after jobs…over 500 people apply to 1 job posting as such little things are used to disqualify people and the thing is how do you know you employed the right person for the job in the end? I even hear there is a system called ATS or whatever which screens CVs so chances are that your CV will not be read by a human being! Everything is technology based these days and as such talent and I mean great talent is being wasted away due to the laziness on the part of some recruiters/employers…

Thus, I do not blame many young people who are starting their own businesses…I mean if nobody will employ me…let me employ myself…Let me value myself enough and do something for myself instead of sitting there waiting for someone to validate me with a job offer or opportunity…I was one of those people who used to complain about many people going into hair and make up business but since it is in high demand these days why not? As long as there is a market for it…why not? At least it is better than going to steal or engage in any form of illegal activities.

The truth is….it is not about graduates not being enough…I believe it is employers/recruiters being unrealistic. And oh nowadays it is even about links…knowing someone who knows someone who knows someone…and of course, it has helped many to secure jobs…but what about those who don’t have these links? What do they do? I always tell myself that I am glad that whatever I have achieved so far in life is through hard work and God’s favor and of course my parent’s support and not because somebody connected me or linked me to get a position, admission or job….such that I do not become a liar when I am motivating other young girls to be daring when fighting for what they believe in.

I urge we the Millenials…especially those who have graduated from university, whether employes, unemployed, self-employed, let us do our best to encourage the younger ones to be creative…start to do something or think about doing something for themselves…of course it might not pay off in the beginning but it always will with hard work and determination in the end..Let us change that mentality that the normal thing to do is to finish university and then be looking for jobs only to end up frustrated and depressed…IT IS NOT WORTH IT…If the big men and women up there won’t help us we need to help ourselves because, at the end of the day, this life is all about YOU and how you make it.

Success has many friends…you will find out that all those who rejected you will now be looking for you…and to all those who ignore people when they walk up to you for help and you ignore them…(well done…watch them do it like a boss without your help).

P.S. I am working on something regarding this and will unveil as the time approaches….as well as other projects. #stayempowered #stayhopeful #therejectedstonewillbecomethecornerstone #trusttheprocessevenwhenyoudon’tunderstand #trustGod’stiming.



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