What Are You Doing With Your Youth?


Dear Young Person,

What are you doing today that your older self will be proud of? What investments are you making to ensure that in about 5 to 10 years time you will be very proud of yourself and not be filled with regrets…

In today’s world, it is easy to be caught up with social media, the buzz, the hullabaloos and what have you…which could result in wasting time to achieve practically nothing. It is very easy to be forced into doing something because that is what everyone is doing and looks cool or just sitting there still wishing, hoping and thinking something could be different so you could ACT…But the question is what excuses are you still giving? Time is going already.

Personally, I believe the environment a person find themselves in has a lot to do with the direction their life may go…which could be said for me…because I believe there are lots of things I would not have been able to achieve had I not pursued my tertiary education in the UK and especially at the university I attended. Above all, I SAW there were opportunities available for me to grow and I took advantage of it!

You can’t just go through this life without taking risks or advantage of opportunities and expect to be great…with the young ones today, due to technological and knowledge advancements, there are lots of courses online, volunteering opportunities, travel opportunities, student competitions, challenges among others that you could be part of…

Yes, life is not easy…it is tough out there, but you need to be tougher….benefit from social media; it should not always be about chatting friends, reading gossip blogs and what have you…money could be made out of this same social media you are always on 24/7, you could create content and put it out there hence building your online presence (blogging, vlogging, online business etc…). Just look around you and you will probably see what you actually should be doing.

You will not be young forever. Every old person was once young….and they say ‘Everyone was once a child but nobody was once an adult’...which goes to show that the time you would have being a young person is very limited but in those years lies the foundation for your adult life or future…it could be strong or weak…the choice is yours! The truth is some people will waste away their youth indulging in all sorts of things and regret but they probably can put back the pieces of their lives together and move on but honestly, it is better making the right decisions so you don’t get caught up in the end….someone might have been able to retrace their steps and made it…but what if you don’t? Prevention they say is better than cure. You are the author of your life and your destiny lies in your hands as well…How will your story end?

As for me, I want it to end on an excellent note….what about you?

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of the week!

Watch this space…I will be launching some projects soon 🙂

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