Valentine’s Day: What’s With The Hype?

Alas…another Valentine’s Day is Upon us….14th February…It is right to say that after New Year that is another huge celebration most people look forward to. Walking on the streets, it will be quite weird not to see shops selling stuffs including cards, perfumes, and other gifts for ‘that special someone’. In fact, even if you do not want to experience the Valentine Day’s fever, it is quite possible that it is going to choke you…then you wonder what’s with all the hype?

I will tell you…well according to what I have learned over the years…This Day is a day set aside to show love to someone. could be your husband, boyfriend, friend or whoever is that special to you or someone who you don’t necessarily have a relation with. Thus, it is very common to see people go out to restaurants to have a meal with their loved ones, others going to the cinema, others going on a trip or holiday or whatever they have in mind to tell that other person…I love you!

Personally, I think Val’s day is supposed to be EVERYDAY…We are supposed to show love to those we care about every single day..not just one day out of 365 days. Val’s day is not like a birthday where you have to wait for a whole year before you are a year older…I believe true love must be shown every single moment because the truth is the next minute is not guaranteed…

The most irritating aspect is when people make this day all about themselves…that is what they will get out of it and not what they will give out. For instance, many people have purposed in their heart that Val’s day is when they will go out there, grab one dude and have sex with….in order to celebrate ‘love’. I really do not know when love was or became equated to sex….(the world’s definition of love). I heard once that on a particular Valentine’s Day in Ghana, condoms became scarce at a particular point in time. Then I ask myself…for what reason?

Because people do not understand what love means, they end up doing ‘foolish’ things on Valentine’s day and then regretting it later. And even for those who understand it, they end up probably making that one person feel special just on 14th February.

My point is, when you really love somebody, you want to show them at every given opportunity, every moment you have the chance to and not just on a particular date. What if the person is no more, or what if your relationship collapsed prior to that day. Just because tomorrow is not guaranteed, it is very important that we show love to everyone we can ALWAYS, so that we don’t regret later.

And to those who take advantage of this day to exploit their sexual fantasies…maybe retrace your steps and consider the consequences before taking certain actions. Don’t be fooled into making harsh decisions which will satisfy your fantasies for a moment but greater consequences later. You don’t need to have a better half before celebrating Val’s Day, you could go out and help in a charity, an orphanage home, give money to a homeless man on the street, call a friend you are probably having issues with, bury the hatchet and move on….The little things matter. Do those things that matter to you and not those things that seem to matter.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day, Keeping in Mind the Definition of Love as according to the Bible…Love is patient, Love is Kind, Love does not keep a record of wrongs etc… (I Corinthians 13: 1- 8). Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! May the Love of Christ in our Hearts cause us to show genuine love as much and as far as we can. I love you all and I pray you all experience God’s love in one way or the other.

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