New Series Loading…..#LifeAfterUniversity

I am so excited about this one guys! So you remember I did University Diaries a while back where I detailed my University Experiences in series of blog. I trust that you all took a thing or two out of it. Well, that was the intention.

I have been thinking about what next after university? This something I was very scared of myself and asked the same question countless times especially in my final year (I will do a reveal soon).

Well, this project is about profiling the experiences of different people (irrespective of where they are in their careers) and how their experiences/journeys after university and how they got to where they are in their careers now. This is just a means of motivating the younger ones who are in university or about to enter or about to graduate or just graduated…..that despite their fears and anxieties there is hope for them in the end. It is just to say that, no matter the hurdles you are facing either in applying for jobs and being rejected multiple times, launching a business, taking a gap year among others…You will eventually GET where you want to be.

Of course, there is the issue that everybody’s journey IS different…so it is not about mirroring someone’s journey…but taking a cue out of what and applying it to yours irrespective of your circumstances. Either way, even if we feel we have made it or we are where we want to be, we are all still on a journey.

Thus, if interested in giving us a peek into your journey thus far, please leave your email under this article or email me at and we will take it from there. I am very happy to have as many contributors as much as I can so please share with everyone in your network! Looking forward to receiving your emails!

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