Life After University: Episode 6


Today, I present to you the story of Ebunlomo Azeez, a young Nigerian lady who finished University at the age of just 19! I connected with her on LinkedIn and I will never forget the message she sent me which really motivated me to KEEP ON GOING….’You are very accomplished’! I do hope you enjoy her story!




Ebunlomo Azeez        




What is your name and what university did you attend?


My name is Ebunlomo Azeez and I attended the University of Brighton, United Kingdom.


What year did you graduate and what course did you offer?


I graduated in July 2017 with a Degree in Law with Business


Briefly describe how your university life; any extracurricular activities you were involved, scholarships, awards/ honors etc.


During my undergraduate degree, I was a Course Representative in 2014/15, Business School Representative in 2016/17. I received three academic awards in three consecutive years including the Lexis Nexis Prize. One of my essays was shortlisted as top 10 for a national competition too!


Based on your experience in university, do you regret going to university or did you regret at a point? If so why?



For me university was not a choice, it was what I saw as the next step so I suppose because I did not have those initial doubts, it is difficult for me to regret going to university. I would say, I regret more of the things that I did not do and the opportunities that I let go.


Upon graduation, did you have any plans as to what your next move was? Could you please share?


That was a big question. Closer to graduation, things seemed magnified by a 100% and suddenly, the future I dreamed of why I was here and I was this 19-year-old girl filled with doubts. I did not know the exact steps to take but it became apparent what to do closer to my graduation. I had to decide on pursuing a master’s degree, LPC or taking up an elected position as Vice President for my University’s Students Union.


Based on the answer from the question above, did these plans materialize in the short term or even long term? If it did what was the process like? If not, what happened? Did you have any backup plans?


Based on my experience, I highly recommend that you draw out a plan. So what is plan A, B to Z. What is the worst case scenario and where do you want to be? I asked myself those questions and I eventually decided that it was best for me to take up the role of Vice President for my students’ union.


In the case where you faced rejections especially in applying for jobs etc, what effect did it have on your person? Care to share any experiences if you had one?


Oh, rejections! You will get used to it. I wrote a blog on how to deal with rejections although it is truly a reminder for myself. I will say find what works for you. For some, its reading quotes about rejections and others, it is taking time off to reflect. Ultimately, you need to place a value on yourself that does not require validation through acceptance letters. I say this but I am certainly still working on it.


If you were to be that 18/19 year old going back to university, knowing what you know now (irrespective of how many years after university) what advice will you give yourself? Any advice to others?


I was actually 19 when I finished and although my journey was peculiar, there are some general things that I will say to myself. Again, I wrote a reflective blog on what I wish I knew before university. Of those things, the biggest to me is self-belief. You need to believe in yourself.


With the current state of the job market, do you think in 10 years time, universities will still have value? Especially with the rate at which many graduates end up being unemployed or young people prefer to start their businesses or train in apprenticeships?


I think universities will always have value. However, what people need to be after is additional value and this will come through the opportunities that are given to you and those that you seek during university. Some roles require technical skills so it is hard to imagine a world without universities. What I foresee is changes to the way degrees are delivered. Perhaps, more accelerated degrees but who knows?


What do you do now in terms of work or any other thing you are involved, care to share your social media handles so people could connect with you?


I recently joined Instagram so its still bare- @Ebunlomo_Azeez and my twitter handle is @Ebunlomo13 and my LinkedIn is Ebunlomo Azeez

I am a blogger and the title of my blog is Dreams & Essence. Like I mentioned previously, I am the Vice President of the University of Brighton Student Union.


I do hope you enjoyed today’s feature…and learned a thing or two out of it…Stay tuned for another feature soon!  

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