Life After University: Episode 13


On today’s episode, Abena Adutwumwaa Kyei shares her story and decided to keep it simple and very straightforward. I have known Abena since secondary school days and she is just one of those people you could worry for a long time and she will never get angry (ky…ky). Do enjoy her story.



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Abena Adutwumwaa Kyei




What is your name and what university did you attend?


My name is Abena Adutwumwaa Kyei and I attended Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi (KNUST), Ghana.


What year did you graduate and what course did you offer?


I graduated in July 2016 and studied BA Sociology and English majoring in BA Sociology.


Briefly describe how your university life; any extracurricular activities you were involved, scholarships, awards/ honors etc.


Mmmm….my university life was quite boring.Had a few friends and never engaged in any extracurricular activities.My focus was on getting good grades and nothing else.The course I studied demanded a lot of reading and I believed if I missed out on that it was going to affect my grades.I went out a few times with friends especially on their birthdays and it was fun.


Based on your experience in university, do you regret going to university or did you regret at a point? If so why?


I think furthering my education was the best choice I made.Education has a way of making an individual fit well in our society, however, I sometimes regretted choosing my particular course of study.I realized the society I found myself in did not appreciate the course and did not create many opportunities for us.


Upon graduation, did you have any plans as to what your next move was? Could you please share?


At a point, I wanted to further my education after my national service but I later decided to get a job first.


Based on the answer from the question above, did these plans materialize in the short term or even long term? If it did what was the process like? If not, what happened? Did you have any backup plans?


I got a job after my national service but I quit because the salary was not worth the stress level associated with the job. I’m still in the process of getting a new one.


In the case where you faced rejections especially in applying for jobs etc, what effect did it have on your person? Care to share any experiences if you had one?


I’ve not had any experiences like that.


If you were to be that 18/19 year old going back to university, knowing what you know now (irrespective of how many years after university) what advice will you give yourself? Any advice to others?


In the first place, I’d offer a course that is more practical in senior high and further it in the university. Most people are making it now because of their abilities to use their hands to create. Getting good grades is very important but what’s the use if you have to depend on someone before you can earn a living. We should focus more on creativity and this is nothing new…I remember back in senior high I learned about how to improve education in Ghana and this particular point was raised. It’s high time we make things a reality.


With the current state of the job market, do you think in like 10 years time, universities will still have value? Especially with the rate at which many graduates end up being unemployed or young people preferring to start their businesses or train in apprenticeships?


Education is a necessity but I think universities would not have the same value because currently everyone wishes to be an entrepreneur due to the high rates of unemployment in our society.It is evident in our society that individuals especially those with huge capitals to start their businesses are making it as well as those with talents.


What do you do now in terms of work or any other thing you are involved, care to share your social media handles so people could connect with you?


I am on Facebook . Currently, I’m searching for a job and also involved in a petty business.


Taking a cue from Abena’s story…maybe we should start having discussions about the courses we choose to do in university and also the exploitation fresh graduates out of university face just because some employers decide to tap on their desperation to get a job…


Stay tuned for more episodes…There is still one more slot…just email me on or comment with your email address and I will get back to you.



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