Life After University: Episode 14


I am so excited about today’s feature…I have the pleasure to feature my girl/sister/friend, Natalie Christine Cofie. You all need a Natalie in your life….she’s been a friend since secondary school days and I thank God for her life always. She does not talk too much so expect brief answers…nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this episode.



Image may contain: Natalie C. Cofie, smiling, standing
Natalie Christine Cofie



What is your name and what university did you attend?


My name is Natalie C. Cofie and I attended University of Ghana, Legon.


What year did you graduate and what course did you offer?


I graduated in July 2017 and I studied a degree in BA Spanish and Linguistics.


Briefly describe how your university life; any extracurricular activities you were involved, scholarships, awards/honors etc.


Life on campus was quite a learning experience for me. Meeting people from different walks of life and having to deal with most of them in terms cohabitation, studying together and socializing. For me as an introvert, it was a bit hard at the beginning combining all that with studying, but I learned to adjust and with time I found my feet. I wasn’t involved much in extracurricular activities because I felt it would take all my time and concentration. But later I realized it does help so I got involved in the later part of my years in school.


Based on your experience in university, do you regret going to university or did you regret at a point? If so why?


I never had any regrets. I do miss school.


Upon graduation, did you have any plans as to what your next move was? Could you please share?


After graduating, my next move was to get my national service done and take it from there.


Based on the answer from the question above, did these plans materialize in the short term or even long term? If it did what was the process like? If not, what happened? Did you have any backup plans?


Yes, I’m currently doing my national service and though I’m not done it’s been a wonderful experience for me so far. I’ve learned a lot.


In the case where you faced rejections especially in applying for jobs etc, what effect did it have on your person? Care to share any experiences if you had one?


Straight after university, I have gone ahead to work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of the compulsory National Service scheme in Ghana, which is what I am currently doing. Thus, I have not really had the experience of applying for jobs and then getting rejected in the process. However, I must add the process of getting a National Service placement was quite stressful but in all, I thank God for getting this offer at the Foreign Affairs as I intend to pursue a Masters degree in the field of International Relations in the nearest future.


If you were to be that 18/19-year-old going back to university, knowing what you know now (irrespective of how many years after university) what advice will you give yourself? Any advice to others?


I would say you should get more involved in extracurricular activities such as volunteering because you get to have rich experience which may help you in facing the world after school.


With the current state of the job market, do you think in like 10 years’ time, universities will still have value? Especially with the rate at which many graduates end up being unemployed or young people prefer to start their businesses or train in apprenticeships?


I think they would if they revise their extracurricular activities to help bring out graduates that match up to the current job market. Thus, there should be more opportunities for students to be more involving outside the classroom which will, in turn, help build employable for their careers.


What do you do now in terms of work or any other thing you are involved, care to share your social media handles so people could connect with you?


I am currently doing my compulsory one-year national service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and I am loving it. You connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Hope you enjoyed today’s episode. Stay tuned for the remaining episodes…Have an awesome filled week. Follow me on all my social media platforms!

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