Life After University: Episode 18


Bernice Garr, another  A1 sister (from secondary school), is my next feature on today’s episode. If you enjoyed the other episodes, I am sure you would love this as well.



Bernice Garr




What is your name and what university did you attend?


I’m Bernice Garr. I attended the University of Ghana, Legon.


What year did you graduate and what course did you offer?


I graduated in 2016 and majored in Sociology.


Briefly describe how your university life; any extracurricular activities you were involved, scholarships, awards/ honors etc.


My University life was quite interesting though it wasn’t filled with so many extracurricular activities. I wanted to pay attention to my studies as well and graduate with a good class which I did by the grace of God. I was in my church choir on the University Campus- Legon Interdenominational Church. I also joined Rotaract which is the campus chapter of Rotary International, Ghana. I also had the opportunity to join Leading Ladies Network which is a Voluntary club on campus. Their mission is to empower young ladies and mentor them to become good leaders in their fields.


Based on your experience in university, do you regret going to university or did you regret at a point? If so why? 


Not at all, I didn’t regret going to the University. I believe it was an opportunity to acquire more skills and knowledge and also build positive relationships.


Upon graduation, did you have any plans as to what your next move was? Could you please share?


After graduation, I didn’t really have any plan because, in Ghana, the next thing after graduation is a compulsory National Service for one year. So in the short term that was basically the next big thing for me.


Based on the answer from the question above, did these plans materialize in the short term or even long term? If it did what was the process like? If not, what happened? Did you have any backup plans?


Yes, by God’s grace I was able to do my National Service. Usually, in Ghana the National Service Secretariat which is responsible for overseeing all National Service activities, assigns to graduates the organizations in which they must work. For me, I was posted to Ghana Audit Service. Fortunately, the process was quite smooth.


In the case where you faced rejections especially in applying for jobs etc, what effect did it have on your person? Care to share any experiences if you had one?


After National Service, I applied for a couple of jobs and I got rejected but that didn’t deter me. I remember there was a time I was called for an interview. It was a very rigorous process only for me and the other candidates to be told later that it was a three-month internship and not a permanent job. I wasn’t bothered when I didn’t get the job because for me I believe that it’s God’s way of redirecting me to where He actually wants me to be, which will certainly be better than what I lost.


If you were to be that 18/19 year old going back to university, knowing what you know now (irrespective of how many years after university) what advice will you give yourself? Any advice to others?


I will advise myself and others to gain skills in a particular field and have a mentor in that field. Also, I will advise myself and others to find and build networks in the field of interest.


With the current state of the job market, do you think in like 10 years time, universities will still have value? Especially with the rate at which many graduates end up being unemployed or young people prefer to start their businesses or train in apprenticeships?


Yes, Universities will still have value regardless because for some jobs no matter what will require that you have a degree and some form of higher education. Those who have interest in such fields will value university education. It’s up to the individuals who find themselves going to the universities to be smart about how they organize their lives so they can get to the level they want to in life.


What do you do now in terms of work or any other thing you are involved, care to share your social media handles so people could connect with you?


I sometimes volunteer with Skygirls Ghana and I’m a creative writer. I write stories and share them on my blog at . You can follow me on Facebook


Rejections they say can be God’s own way of redirecting our steps. Don’t you dare give up! Looking forward to bringing you the last two episodes to wrap up this series. Don’t miss it! Happy Sunday and have a lovely week ahead!


3 thoughts on “Life After University: Episode 18”

    1. You can say that again! It definitely is but unfortunately due to the feeling it brings it crashes ego and sometimes makes us feel unworthy but I pray we allow ourselves to see the good in every rejection as a blessing in disguise.


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