Life After University: My Thoughts


I am very happy to have concluded this project (Y’all have no idea!)  and of course, I could not have done it without the support of the 20 amazing ladies who chose to tell their stories and also to my amazing followers and readers. God Bless YOU!


Back in February, few months after I finished the University Diaries; where I shared my brief university experiences, I thought to myself…there is something more I could do. Over the years, I realized that many people have a panic attack especially when they are about to leave the university; this mostly stems from not knowing what to do afterward or probably the fear of not making it. I have had conversations with friends and read articles online where I concluded that it is time for those who have left university to share genuine stories so as to encourage and give hope to others.


I think in today’s society, especially with the emergence of social media, most people want to sound like they never went through any hard times, that it was all rosy, which kind of sends a wrong message across to the fresh graduate who is going through hell to find a job after university or to even get a chance to prove themselves to recruiters among others. Thus when I started formulating the questions for the #lifeafteruniversity series, the intention was to get the real deal from my contributors which I am confident I did in the end…


Now, I must say, I am not too surprised reading through the different experiences of my contributors. Most of them went through series of rejections and eventually got what they wanted and for some, are still in the process of seeking for what they want. That is real life! Nothing good comes easy! And depending on how bad you want something, you must be willing to fight for it…with all thy might! One of the contributors mentioned that she knew what she wanted to do but she decided to go through the traditional route of applying for jobs which she ended up going through about 5 stages only to be rejected in the end… This was a wake-up call to her to pursue her writing interests. This is very interesting and I can relate..sometimes, we choose to ignore what we really want in order to go after things that seem satisfying at the time, only to be disappointed and then wonder, why am I even pursuing this in the first place? Some food for thought right there…


Also, most of the contributors highlighted that they wished they were involved in more extracurricular activities whilst they were in university…The mistake many people make is focusing on just the academic aspect whilst in university, not saying it is a bad thing to do but the truth is University is another world where you need to keep an open mind and explore other opportunities available. If you are just one sided (books all the time), you might miss out on a whole lot of experience and probably another side of you, you could discover as a result of being involved in a society, sports, volunteering among others… You may even discover your purpose in the process


Furthermore, I also realized that everybody is still in the process of discovering themselves; something we can never stop doing especially as we are still alive. Whether they were working, still looking for jobs, self-employed or whatever, each of the contributors seemed to have gotten to a place where they had taken a thing or two out of the failures, rejections or whatever they experienced after being hit with the real world, they were still trying the best to make the most out of their current situations and see what the future brings..


I could go on and on…I actually want to do a Part 2 about my thoughts on the series but I do not want to drag it. If you are reading this and you are about to graduate, just graduated or even graduated many years ago, I am confident that we will all be fine in the end. One motivational speech I listened to this morning highlighted the fact that, Dream Big, but have goals because, without those goals, your dreams will remain dreams! But what if those dreams don’t work out? Fail BIG! Sometimes therein lies what you need to GROW and become who God has called you to be.


Probably, you might be wondering if I will also share my life after university story…Ah well, I would but not here and not now. When the time is right, I will do the REVEAL here! 


Thanks for reading…Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Do I start another series? What do you think it should be on? Enjoy the rest of the week!


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