Make A Difference, Be The Difference


In today’s post, I would like to share something very concise and I am confident that this would not be the first time you would have heard about this but I would like to challenge you further.


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In today’s world, most of us are concerned about working, earning money, spending it and enjoying or living our lives to the fullest. That is fantastic…amazing! But honestly, you have not truly lived until one person can mention you and say…’Because of this person, I was able to achieve this, or that’…


You don’t need to have a HUGE platform to make a difference; over a million followers on social media, a president of a society, a minister, a celebrity or whatever…You can start from within; people within your network…Ask yourself, what can I do in my own little way to make their lives better or make a positive contribution to their lives.


It all needs to start with YOU. In my own case, I have discovered what I can do to make the world a better place starting from those within my circle and I am loving it. I will share one with you. When I was in university, I was part of a mentoring scheme and got one of the best mentors EVER! I learned a lot from him and in the process, I got the opportunity to be a mentor to 1st-year students in my faculty whereby I went ahead to win a ‘Mentor Award’ at an Awards ceremony in university. Graduating from university, I wanted someone who could mentor me but bruh! It wasn’t easy! I did not find one till now. However, from the knowledge and experience, I gathered from previous years, I wanted an opportunity to also help other young people or better put mentor them in discovering their purpose and achieving their dreams in life. So, I started my blog which I believe is my voice to people out there, also, whenever I get the opportunity to talk to friends and other people especially if they are going through an issue, I make sure I leave them with something to ponder on in other to arrive at a decision. Earlier this year, as part of my goals I wanted to create a network whereby I could mentor young people but I was wondering how I could get people to be a part of it.


Through my friend, Brenda, who is doing an amazing work of helping young people gain access to exclusive programmes, conferences, helping them with CVs, Cover Letters, scholarships among others…Initially, I wanted to do this too for a fee but then I remembered what I wrote down earlier this year to help other people become a better version of themselves and discover their purpose (with no monetary value attached)…as such I made a call for people who wanted to be part of this network…and to my surprise, I now have almost 300 young people I am starting with…I am still in awe!


It is fulfilling personally to know you are adding value to someone’s life and I believe this network (Purpose Unleashed Network) will do amazing and this is just the beginning! So to whoever is reading this, you may feel you have nothing to offer but trust me we all have something to offer. You may feel it is ‘nothing big’ but it is these LITTLE things that make the BIG difference.


We ALL have a role to play. Make your own difference. Don’t just EXIST. Before you DIE, LIVE. You haven’t lived till you make a DIFFERENCE. It is not about Social Media Hype. Even if it is one person, that’s all that matters. #gertrudesays.


Trust you enjoyed today’s blogpost and it got you thinking. Stay tuned for another blog post real soon! Have an amazing week ahead! 🙂



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