Empowering Society Through Goodwill – The Rogue Foundation


If you know me very well, then you know I am an activist…Especially in the area of girls’ education as well as quality education overall and women empowerment…So once in a while, I decide to contribute my quota in supporting great causes such as this.


About a week ago, a friend of mine introduced me to a foundation in Ghana, known as The Rogue Foundation. I then had the opportunity to speak with one of the people behind it, Alice Ama Erwuah, just to know more about it. I did not have to think twice to agree with or support this project. I am all for empowering the youth, empowering the community and making the world a better place so anything that has to do with touching lives, I do not hesitate to support.


So you may ask, what is this foundation all about? The Rogue Foundation seeks to improve the lives of underprivileged people in the society including orphans, street kids, physically challenged, intellectually challenged (autistics), kids in general and even prisoners. It is however interesting to know that for less than two years it has been in existence, this foundation has been touching about 1000 lives through their goodwill. Notable among some of their schemes in serving humanity include Love Connection, Take it to the Orphans and Giving Awareness. 


In August 2018, The Rogue Foundation will be taking up a new project known as the ‘Tinsung Project’ at the ‘Tinsung Primary School‘ which aims at helping the school build a library, adorn classrooms with furniture, provide school uniforms, clothing, shoes and stationery for pupils, aside providing assistance to parents and the community at large.


This idea came as a result of a friend of the founder, who did his National Service in the village of Tinsung and saw that the standard of education in the community could be improved.


So what does The Rogue Foundation need from you? Your support. The foundation has up to August this year to raise 6000 Ghana cedis which is about £ 966.20 in order to commence this project. As a young foundation, their resources are limited and as such are appealing to the general public to support this great cause so that those children in the village of Tinsung will have an access to a better and quality education laying a solid foundation for their future.  As an advocate for quality education, this is very dear to my heart and I hope you lend your support as well.




Tinsung Image 1
Tinsung Primary School






Tinsung Image 2
School Compound






Tinsung Image 4
State of some of the school buildings





tinsung Image 5
Primary 1 and 2





Tinsung Image 6
Primary 5




How can you support?  Donate any amount in your capacity to the mobile money number is +23355 599 3761 (You can do so via World Remit). For donations in kind such as clothing, shoes, or book please contact +233273883690, +233271471645 or +233544371871. Please contact any of these numbers if you have further questions or get in touch with me, drop a comment and I will forward your query. 


Please share this with your internal and external network across all social media platforms as well. It is things like these that SHOULD trend. A GREAT CAUSE FOR HUMANITY. 


Have an amazing weekend you all! Don’t forget to make a difference. Stay tuned for another blog post on Monday. God bless you!


P.S. I am looking for guest writers/contributors. If you are interested just drop a comment and I will get back to you.




2 thoughts on “Empowering Society Through Goodwill – The Rogue Foundation”

  1. Hi Gertrude..awesome post up there. Life is all about giving others a bit of sunshine…great work! Hope Tinsung school gets the much needed facelift.
    In case you need a guest contributor.. hit me up!!

    Liked by 1 person

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