Christianity Today, What is Happening? (Part 1)


About three years ago, even before I started blogging, I read a blog post by Lydia Forson, who is a Ghanaian actress I admire among the few. I love her for her work as an actress, but my love for her tripled because of the boldness she exudes especially in talking about issues that people will rather discuss behind closed doors for fear of being ridiculed or trolled on social media. The particular blog post touched on a subject about religion, a topic area when talked about many people become butthurt and will defend their religious practices or in this case their church conduct till their last breath.

So, she touched on this topic area, ‘In Love with Church But Not in Love with God’. She touched on many interesting topic areas which really got me thinking and I would like to talk about another aspect of Christianity in Africa with the focus on Ghana on the topic ‘Christianity Today, What is Happening?’ I am going to do this in probably two or three parts so stay tuned.



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So according to popular knowledge, almost every African country is a Christian country or better still majority of the population in most African countries are Christians as such following the teachings of the Holy Bible. As such, many churches meet on Sunday to worship God together with some church meetings/programmes throughout the week. Which is great.


My father likes debates and most times he insists that Christianity did not in any way benefit Africa or in this case Ghana in any way. Oh wow! I exclaim…How? Then he says, well when the slave masters came, they came with wine and all sorts of ‘European goodies’ for our leaders and then in exchange we were introduced to Christianity among other things. This does not mean that we were not worshipping God before they came but we did so traditionally through smaller gods according to History. That is fair enough. At that time too, he adds, there was not too much sin in the world than we have now and then people were not all that ‘spiritual’ and over spiritualize everything. Interesting!


Now, after Christianity came, there was the introduction of missionary schools which championed a good education system infused with the religious aspect of practising Christianity especially at the secondary school levels, one of the schools which I attended, a great school in all ramifications; producing great women of integrity and value.


However, sometimes when I look at Ghana, I wonder if we are indeed a Christian country. We have all sorts of gibberish going on all in the name of Christianity and I just shake my head really hard! I have heard all sorts of stories of some Pastors duping members, sleeping with women all in the name of miracles, Pastors enriching themselves at the expense of their poor members whose monies obviously have contributed to those lifestyles, Churches establishing universities which are NOT affordable for majority of the people in the church, some Pastors doing and saying all kinds of ridiculous things all in the name of doing the ‘work of God‘.


I have heard a Pastor say he can’t give a car to his poor congregant because they cant handle it when this same pastor is widely known for giving cars to some public figures who are NOT his members..I was taken aback…like excuse me Sir…they don’t need to drive the car..they can sell it or use it as a taxi business or whatever to earn a living…But what do I know?


You see, Christianity these days has become a joke in all honesty and I wonder to what end? I tend to disagree with my dad but on these occasions, I kind of agree with him. I feel there will be less drama especially in the traditional way of worshipping compared to what we have now.


And you see most Ghanaians and even Africans are just gullible! In Economics, there is the concept of Demand and Supply. If there is a high supply of all these so-called Men of God and there is nobody patronizing them, do you really think they will still be portraying their nonsense? There is a particular Pastor in Ghana who is known for doing and saying all sorts and in the end, he has such a huge following and I wonder, are they blind? Can’t they see that all this is just a sham? I mean how on earth do you tell me you saw Jesus in a dream, He turned into a lion and you turned into a dog or whatever and you entered someone’s room to deliver her bla bla bla…You see IF I was an unbeliever, I will laugh out loud and wonder what kind of nonsense you are into.


And because some people wear this Christian TAG so highly, they seem to forget to USE their BRAINS and think Christianity is some sort of magic and God is a magician whereby you DO NOTHING and GET EVERYTHING. I quite remember when I was writing my final exams for High School in Ghana, there was a Pastor who was selling ‘anointed pens‘ and of course the masses jumped on the bandwagon to purchase it….of course, it will make them pass their exams. The danger is because of how GREAT the marketing skills of these pastors are, the gullible students will either REFUSE to study at all or not give the exam their best shot because it is an anointed pen from ‘A MAN OF GOD’.


Then who will you now blame when you fail that exams or course? God? For not helping you? God was nowhere in that equation! This is a combination of sheer stupidity and refusing to be practical that it is only in dedicating ample time to your books towards that exams and THEN praying for his grace and favor during the exams and afterward which might guarantee you success in that exam….


I will just pause here for today and continue in the coming days. I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Please stay tuned for more. Have an amazing week ahead.


Please reach out to me via email at if you would like to be a guest writer or contributor. Looking forward to them. 


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