Christianity Today; What is Happening (Part 2)


In my previous blog post, I ended on the note that due to the tag of Christianity many Africans especially wear, they are either being lazy or refusing to use their brains in thinking about ways to make life better or more fulfilling for themselves. Hence, you hear the popular phrase ‘God will provide‘….(smh). This phrase has been misconstrued as far as I am concerned especially in the Biblical context in which it was used.



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The Holy Bible




Abraham, the Father of many nations used this phrase AFTER, he took a HUGE risk of sacrificing his ONLY son; a son he bore at a very old age to the LORD upon his instructions. Ignorant Isaac asked his dad after seeing everything for the sacrifice except the animal and asked about it to which Abraham replied ‘God will provide‘. So in this case, even Abraham, at a point in his life,  upon all the PROMISES God gave him had to take a RISK which in turn made God see the kind of faith and person he was and made him Father of Many Nations.


Let us come to Christianity today…People are told in churches to sow seeds, come for revivals, prayer surgeries among others…I mean they are doing everything ‘biblically correct‘ hence they should be doing very well but it turns out that for some reason, they have been stuck in the same place for almost their whole lives…and oh the same Pastor or another Pastor is quick to blame their predicament on a witch in their families or even on some occasions blame their mothers for their failures in life…And I wonder like seriously?


This same person might have lots of business ideas or opportunities lying right in front of them and probably needs to take A LEAP OF FAITH or like in Abraham’s case one huge risk which is the way to their breakthrough but nah…they will rather be in church from Monday to Sunday praying and casting out all sorts of demons that don’t even exist so that they can be successful in life or have access to all the wealth God has promised them in the Bible…It is of no wonder that there are all sorts of churches in every corner you pass in Ghana especially with all sort of doctrines trying to ‘win souls’ for their booming business. Yes, I said it…Most churches these days are nothing but for-profit businesses. No wonder we see and hear some of these ‘Men of God’ having luxurious cars, mansions, private jets and living big when the majority of their congregation are living from hand to mouth…How pathetic!


I could go and on and on about all these ills going on in churches these days that either nobody is addressing or we have gotten so used to it and think it is normal…This means we are in DEEP WATERS! Is this how Jesus will come back to meet his bride, the church?


Why aren’t churches preaching the message of salvation nowadays? It should not be about prosperity, financials gains, winning at all the time which I know most people want to hear. Yes, times are hard and sometimes going to church to hear messages such as ‘God will take care of you‘, ‘Exercise Patience and Have Faith in the Lord‘ is good for the soul but that is not what all that it is when it comes to being a Christian. It is even interesting to know that there could be many people in the church who might not be saved but probably have no idea…I mean they come to church every Sunday, pay ‘FAT‘ tithes and contribute a lot to church activities but in the eyes of God aren’s saved… This is when you are in the good books of the Pastor as such even if you are misbehaving or committing all kinds of sins, you are pardoned because after all IF the church sponsor leaves, what will the fate of the church be? So, Trust is in a man instead of God.


The spiritual element in Christianity these days is lost and been replaced with so much carnality. Everything is approached from the human perspective and seeking to please the fleshly desires first before the spiritual implications are even considered. I have heard a Church leader say, ‘Even if you don’t come to church the whole year, and you come to church on the last day of the year and pay your tithes, you are STILL considered as a member of the church?’ Uhmmm if we all decided to do that all year round, will there still be a church? That is why it is very important for everyone to guard their heart because these ‘Men of God’ are nothing but just vessels used by God for His work but they are human at the same time…they may say certain things that you KNOW for a fact that isn’t the Spirit talking…meaning you should not swallow everything your Pastor tells you HOOK, LINE AND SINKER.


Fortunately, your Pastor is NOT God so don’t make him ONE. For every doctrine given, use your own intuition and the help of the Holy Spirit to do what works best for you…It is even interesting that some women behave all ‘holy‘ kneeling down to greet their pastors but to their own husbands will have their hands almost in their eyes and will treat them with GROSS disrespect. Thus, practicing two-faced Christianity…but to what end? Is it God you are fooling or yourself? Doesn’t he see everything even when it is done in DARKNESS…Who is the judge at the end of the day…your Pastor or God?


For it is written, on the last day, whatever was done in secret will be brought to light


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it…Stay tuned for the last part in the next few days. Have an amazing weekend!


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