Christianity Today, What is Happening (Part 3)


It seems the ills are many but I might never finish if I don’t stop at a point. So this will be the last part of this topic.. (at least FOR NOW)…



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So on the last blog post, I ended on the note that some people these days are very comfortable in practicing two-faced Christianity…so in church, they are all ‘holy’ but after church, it is a different ball game…..*sigh*. Well, I doubt that is ever going to end…because you know why? These people are praised and even used as examples for others to follow (lmao!). People will do everything in their power to be acknowledged when it comes to getting positions in the church; keep malice, gossiping, and all kinds…but then again I ask to what end? The danger is if you fail as a leader then imagine what happens to your followers…everything will just fall apart as the center can no longer hold.


The fact that in Ghana, from the President to the common citizen, about 75% of them are Christians…yet there is STILL a lot of sin in the land and all sorts going on in a Christian country. Most policemen who take bribes are Christians, most lecturers who coerce young girls to sleep with them, lest they fail are Christians, even the headmistress who admits students who did not make it to the school is probably a deaconess or leader in her local church but what do I know? We have normalized sin to the extent that we still try to justify it with misquotations wrong interpretations of the Bible.


Let me be specific… One thing I find amusing with regard to the generation of today is when it comes to the topic of celibacy…I watched a popular Youtube Show, BKChat London, some time ago and on one of the episodes, they were having a discussion about celibacy…and one of the guys was like ‘Celi what? What word is that?’ I was not surprised because though most of us call ourselves Christians we tend to pick and choose what favors us…Most male Christians will say…’I need to test the car before buying it’…Uhmm since when did women turn into cars…May God save this generation! I have seen quite a number of YouTube channels with some young couples who were able to withstand the pressures and waited until marriage to have sex…Proud! I am not saying if you were not celibate before marriage or choose not to be celibate you are a bad person. Not at all. That is your life and business… I am just appreciating those who have been able to stay faithful even when they are ‘mocked’ for being celibate before marriage. 


One issue I would like to touch on too is the issue of tithing. In recent times, this has generated a lot of controversies with lots of teachings as to whether one should pay or not. Personally, I hate having religious debates because I believe it is foolishness. When it comes to Christianity what does the Bible say about tithing? What is your interpretation of it as led by the Holy Spirit? Hence, are you instructed to pay or not? If so, how much? End of the story! There is no need to be going round in circles about something that has been clearly instructed in the Bible…You will just be ranting and ranting but to what end?


Let me just chip this in here, I sometimes get it why people decide to do that… (let me shake some table now..I am in my house come and beat me!).


So, in my own church, The Church of Pentecost, It is alleged that a certain Apostle after his tenure of office ended as the National Head in the UK, was given £150,000 and a car as well for a job well done…First of all, I believe in appreciation…but at the end of the day, when it gets overboard then it becomes a problem…Why should such an amount of money be given to just one person when there are probably people in the church struggling to make ends meet? And if you ask me, this man was well taken care of when he was in office, paid and all so are we saying that amount of money is his reward for the ‘work of God’ he came to do…Then meaning he has no reward in heaven since we feel such a huge amount will equate to the work he has been called by God to do…SMH!


Due to the emergence of all these kinds of news…I have heard some people murmur they are NOT going to pay tithes again…because this NONSENSE must STOP! Will I blame them? No! Because everyone is entitled to however they want to feel but at the end of the day, it is only God who will judge us all.


There are many things I have not touched but with the little I have covered so far, I believe that there is still a lot of work to be done and it needs to start with ourselves. Let us stop giving excuses for our immoral ways and turn back to the Creator because he is merciful and will show Grace upon us. None is perfect..but we cannot continue to live in sin because GRACE abounds. 


Dear Pastors and Church Leaders, understand that you have been assigned people to lead to Christ so every decision you make should be biblically inclined and not for personal and selfish gains because, at the end of the day, you will be accountable for each and every one of your members’ soul. Do not preach virtue and practice vice and use your congregation as cash cows to enrich yourselves through fake prophecies, false teachings etc.


Dear Member, You need to be as vigilant as the snake.,,for we are in the last days…You need to test every Spirit like the word of God says…for the devil goes around roaring like a lion seeking for whom to devour…


I hope you enjoyed this ‘mini-series’ and thanks for staying tuned. Have a blissful week ahead! 

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