My Thoughts on The Rise of Suicide in Today’s World.


I am sure for the past few weeks, most of us have seen on social media or if not heard of some celebrities including Kate Spades and Anthony Bourdain committing suicide.


It is safe to say that nobody really knows what pushed them into committing such an act (though some have linked it to depression)..but I am sure very soon, the reason will be unraveled or better put we may never know!



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The truth is that we can say whatever we want that ‘Suicide is never the option‘ bla bla and all sorts but the main issue is people are going through A LOT in life whether celebrities or non-celebrities so once in a while it is important to ask yourself  ‘Am I mentally healthy? Or this friend of mine…Is she Okay? She seems withdrawn these days…perhaps let me find out what could be bothering her/him?


In a world when it appears everyone is about their hustle or better put minding their business, it almost seems that we are all selfish when it comes to inquiring what our friends or loved ones are going through. But on the other side, are you someone people can confide in regarding whatever they are going through and not feel judged or even have to think twice because you might end up broadcasting their struggles with others? I believe that many people, especially in African societies, are always told to ‘Deal with it‘ because nobody really cares or ‘You are not the only going through this, so man up‘ and all sorts of words which are the least encouraging especially in that vulnerable moment…


Fast forward to a few weeks later when this same person commits will now see these same people who were chastising him or her pouring all sorts of encomiums on the victim in question and how they could have opened up etc…


The truth is that we live in a society where the dead is more celebrated than the living…When it comes to all genres in the society…be it the music, movie industry etc…the pioneers/legends are hardly talked about or even celebrated for their achievements when they are still alive because oh they are old school and the young ones are the ones reigning..(yeah right!)…But let them die today…that is when you see how hypocritical we are…Probably this person’s living conditions were bad but nobody paid attention to that and probably told them the widely used phrase in the African society ‘God will provide‘… Since ‘God didn’t provide’ probably leading to depression and hence natural death or suicide then they would then be celebrated as heroes, heroines and what have you. May we start being the change we are all striving to see in our world.


The trend I have seen on social media after these celebrities committed suicide…are all sorts of posts saying ‘Be kind with your words‘, ‘Call this hotline’Speak up‘ etc…That is least people are realizing that the mental state/wellbeing of people is paramount and as such should be treated with all seriousness. However, knowing the Africa society very well, I do hope we all walk the talk…When you see someone’s picture or something someone posted on social media and you don’t like it for whatever reason..before leaving that hateful comment think twice about how it will make that person feel (knowing the power of words). Before you troll a celebrity online, clap back, drag someone or whichever way you want to put it…just put yourself in their shoes and ask if it were will I feel? And have I considered how it will affect that person emotionally? Do I even know this person’s mental state currently irrespective of the glamorous lifestyle and pictures they portray? If you feel you still need to go ahead and post whatever comment it is you have in mind…then you have no reason saying people should speak up or suicide is not an option…hence preaching without practicing.


Let us all do better in terms of being there for each other and creating an avenue where people will not feel mocked talking about their insecurities, fears, problems among others without feeling judged..Be Kind with your words especially to strangers online. Everyone is fighting a battle you have no idea of. The last thing you want to do is to be the cause of someone’s death because of your words.


A word to the wise they say is enough!


I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post. Enjoy the rest of the week!


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