The ClapBack Season! (Social Media Woes)


If you are very active on social media, then you should have heard the famous word ‘Clapback‘….I doubt there is an ‘official’ meaning for the word but with regard to my own understanding, it is when someone goes in hard on someone who tried to insult them or humiliate them (whether with a post or comment etc) with the intent of making them feel the way they felt or even worse of!



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Before the advent of social media or even outside social media into the real world, clapping back is when you say things like ‘I gave it to her‘ or ‘I gave her a piece of my mind‘! and all sorts…


I have seen many people clap back and others who have been clapped back at and mostly, this is what makes social media interesting…in some people’s opinions


Personally, I do not enegage in such things and even if I have to…NOT on Social Media. I have come to realise that I am building a brand and as such whatever I say or do especially online reflects my values and principles as a person. Thus, when I leave a harmless comment on a post (which I hardly do unless I am tagging a friend to laugh with) and then someone chooses to make a derogatory comment, I CHOOSE to ignore the person because in my opinion, they do not deserve my reply or attention. It is a PERSONAL thing and I will ALWAYS stand by that.


I remember some time ago, I used to tag this friend of mine whenever I see a funny post on Instagram then we laugh about it and vice versa. Then one time someone replied to my comment that he always sees me tagging this particular friend of mine bla bla and it seems we are under every post…I was pissed but at that moment I had so many nasty things I wanted to say but I controlled my emotions and ignored him…However, the friend I tagged under that particular post DIDN’T, she CLAPPED BACK…which was a good thing for her…she did not use any nasty words but she put him in his place….That is fair enough.


However, I have a problem when people go all the way out to say all manners of things trying to defend their point or trying to win others to their side..Totally unecessary in my opinion.


Throwing shade, another form of clapback is also very common these days. I am of the opinion that, if you have a problem with someone, with regard to something they said or they did, there is no need to stylishly attack them in cringeworthy posts trying to win others to your side or sound like the better person….hence being all emotional. You have their number, call them or message them and let them know how you feel about what they did and like ADULTS, settle your scores then life goes on. If that does not yield any fruit too, at least you tried. Coming online to vent in my opinion is useless…because the person might not even know you are referring to them or might even not regard it….But again what do I know?


This cycle, I am confident will never end because people will always ‘not mind their business’ and people who feel the need to put people on a blast will then respond again and again and again. I always say this Social Media of a thing is not that serious so people should take it easy.


Employers these days will search for you across all social media platform and the internet and like they say, ‘The Internet never forgets‘….That nasty comment or clapback you left for someone in order to be crowned king or queen of shade/clapback three years ago would suffice after a google search….How will you then defend yourself?


I am not saying you should allow people trample over you just because you want to appear decent online but I am saying before you leave any comment, post anything or clapback, Ask yourself that after a few hours or days will I still be mad at this person? Will it really matter in the next 3 hours or days? Do I even have to respond? Does this person deserve this attention I am about to give to them?


And to those who have made it a point to troll others online all in the name of being funny or sarcastic or whatever, just imagine if it were you. how would you feel? Let us not think that others do not have feelings and hence attack them from any angle we want even when they did not do anything to warrant that.


Social Media should not make you a KeyPad Warrior, a Cyber Bully or a Beast in a Human Body.


I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Let me know what you think. Have you ever had to clapback at someone? If so, how did you handle the situation?


Have an amazing weekend ahead!

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