Six Years Later……


I was actually not blogging today…but it just hit me that I am supposed to be celebrating an anniversary today, an important one at that (I normally don’t do this but I just decided to put this here…)



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6 years ago, I arrived in the UK from Ghana a month and two weeks after leaving secondary school. This time round, it was not for a vacation (well, it kind of was initially) .I do not even want to talk about the journey from Ghana to UK, because it is actually the worst travel experience I have ever had! SMH. I do not want to spoil the market of the  airline in question so I would keep that out. The best thing is I happen to have met a ‘guardian angel’ who made things far better. Good people still exist yanno!


One of the main reasons or the main reason actually I came to the UK was to continue my studies; that is to the tertiary level. I was excited of course but was wondering how it was going to be…there were some expectations you know….


From September 2012 to July 2016 (my period in university) I would say was a very interesting phase in my life. I learned soo much about myself and damn life also taught me soo much…In fact everyone around me taught me something that I will never forget…the good, the bad and the VERY ugly! I think these are some of the experiences that properly shaped me into adulthood and made me also see certain things from different perspectives. So, despite how difficult that moment was I will always appreciate those lessons because without them, I would not be where and who I am today.


Reminiscing, I am also thankful that I have discovered myself, my purpose and still in the purpose of discovering more each and every day and happened to have done that in a foreign land. I then realised that sometimes you find yourself at a place other than your own country or where you are used to. So, I am thankful to God for placing me at this land and also to my parents for making that happen.


Two years after the said purpose I came here for, it has also been an interesitng journey SO FAR; the expectations, the failures, rejections, the rediscovery among others…But this is what life is meant to be like…whatever it throws at you, you learn through it, grow and move on.


I am proud of the woman I have become and where God is taking me. He has done so much for me these past 6 years and there is more being done and more to come! I am thankful for all the experiences and the explorations! Cheers to his goodness, mercies and favour in the coming years.


P.S. Damn! I miss Ghana so much…..and I can’t wait to be BACK! Despite everything, there is no PLACE like HOME…(a place you grew up and had many memories and experiences with friends and family).





Have an amazing weekend y’all! Stay tuned for more in the weeks to come 🙂

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