Acrimony, The Movie: My Thoughts


Just to put this here initially, this is not a ‘professional’ critique or a movie review but what I thought of the film and how it is applicable to real life. *I will try not to give too many spoilers for those who have not seen it yet*


So about a few months ago, I heard of a new movie titled Acrimony by Tyler Perry which of course stars the amazing Taraji P Henson (Cookie!!!). I am not really a fan of Hollywood movies (yes! I do African movies mostly Nollywood), but in the past year, I have enjoyed amazing Hollywood movies like Wonder Woman, Fences, Get Out, Hidden Figures, Spot light and Beauty and the Beast and series such as Empire, and Black Ish. 



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Acrimony is a movie about a young girl who falls in love with a young man in college. At the beginning of their relationship, the young girl (Taraji’s character, Melinda) lost her mum and of course was vulnerable and in a very naive girl’ s way of healing or better put feeling loved, found solace in her boyfriend (Lyriq Bent’s character, Robert). This led her to make huge sacrifices for her new found love which included paying for the rest of his college fees (from her late mother’s will to her), putting her late mother’s house on sale to help them through the hard times, being the sole breadwinner for years whilst Robert was struggling to fund his Gayle Power force idea (essentially jobless)….. The last thing that broke the camel’s back was when Robert rejected an offer which could have helped their financial status at the moment….Melinda had been drained financially, physically, emotionally and all sorts and could not take it anymore…DIVORCE she wanted! Now, as unpredictable as life is, Robert finally got a huge deal for his Gayle Power Force innovation and hey, another woman was to enjoy all that he promised Roberta after all those years of suffering. Though heavily compensated, will Melinda have another woman ‘REAP’ where she did not sow?? Your guess is as good as mine!


Now, I know everyone will have their own interpretation of this but from my own point of view, I have always said it and will always stand by it that ‘Be careful how you interpret love to your beloved in terms of the sacrifices you make – You may never reap the way you expect to‘. What do I mean? First of all, Melinda started a relationship in college/university…at an age where she was probably still trying to find herself. Eventually, she found someone who probably came in just about the right time…she was grieving…needed someone to help her forget about what she was going through at the time (an escape from reality). Due to this, she was ever ready to do anything in her power to make that relationship work… Robert saw this and tapped into the riches her late mum had left her (call it helping but I see it as a smart man who did not want to waste chances, well not an entirely bad thing). Hear me out!


Personally, I would not disclose every personal bit about me especially at the early stages of a relationship…It is called WISDOM. I don’t know but they say Love makes people do foolish things but I think it is a personal choice to be foolish and not as a result of love…Loving someone does not mean be foolish.


In my honest opinion, Melinda was foolish and that was something that could have been easily dealt with from the very beginning..In fact, she would not even listen to her sisters (especially a broke ass nigga you are helping who cheated on you…and you go ahead to marry him? Ah well!)


Now, Robert, on the other hand, was not an entirely bad person…I mean nobody is entirely a BAD person, it depends on which angle or perspective you decide to look at them from. He initially had a dream of building a battery, Gayle Power force which will rake billions when he finally hits. I mean despite the horrible financial situation they found themselves in after their very early marriage, being at home all day whilst Melinda alone works two jobs, he still worked hard at this battery and at a time where their dream could materialise, he decided to reject an 800,000 dollar cheque believing that the idea was worth more than that! I mean how!!! Everyone around him was telling him to take it but headstrong he didn’t! I believe Robert is a victim of circumstance and although he could have saved his marriage there and then by taking that money (which meant losing his IP over the innovation) and then making other investments which could bring in more money, he weighed the pros and cons and still decided to hope for the best.


We have all been there…That time in your life when there is a very good deal on offer but you trust that you deserve better and as such decide to hope for the best instead of just taking what is hot at the moment. We cant categorically, say Robert made a mistake by suffering a divorce as a result of hoping for the best which he thinks is entitled to…And we cannot also say Melinda was wrong for not standing with him till his innovation raked in those billions hence translating to the life he always promised her. I believe at such critical stages everyone is entitled to their own decision and should be respected for that…of course, no matter how the consequences turn out, one should be willing to face it but this was not the same for Melinda,


The main reason, I do not encourage investing in a man especially in the early stages of a relationship is ‘there is always an expectation that, his plans are supposed to work out especially within a specified frame of time and when that does not happen, it only leads to anger, bitterness, regret and all sorts just like in the case of Melinda’. What if this man decides to move on after he blows or you probably decide to move on too…what if, just what if…The expectations….always bring the problems…


In the case of Melinda, she got compensated for all she spent on Robert (a cheque) but of course, she lost him to another woman coupled with all the other things she dreamt of enjoying with him…She then realized another woman will be reaping off her investments…Not possible! She had to fight back and oh she diiidd!! But to what end? You need to watch to find out for yourself!


I can go on and on but things like these happen most times in societies and I have heard similar stories. My thing is just do not invest in any man or even woman with the expectation that you are entitled to his or her money or having the person to yourself for the rest of their lives. This is life! People grow up, realize they want better, decide to move on…whatever….Just do not put all your eggs in one basket to avoid stories that TOUCH! #invesatyourownrisk, ‘investwithouttoomuchexpectations, #irrespectiveof everythingnobodyowesyouanything.


I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post. Have you seen the movie? What do you think of it? Who was right, who was wrong? If you were Melinda would you feel cheated? If you were Robert how would deal with the whole situation? Did you like how the movie ended? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.


I have actually thought of doing movie reviews too..because I watch a lot of movies actually, well Nollywood movies…so maybe I would. Watch this space!





1 thought on “Acrimony, The Movie: My Thoughts”

  1. That’s really true, Gizzy. Inasmuch as we’re excited when we’re fresh in a relationship, we have to wise up and look out for red flags which are sometimes literally screaming at us.. great post, girl! Keep it up


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