The Role Model Controversy


In our world today, one of the easiest ways to be referred to as a role model is to be popular on social media or a celebrity. So most times, when you ask young people who their role models are, you will hear names of actors, musicians, TV/Radio personalities, footballers among others.


Personally, I DO NOT have a role model…not that I do not have people I admire and would like to meet some day….of course a few come to mind which include Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Malala Yousafzai among others. But they are not my role models.


Now, let us look at the definition of a role model…’a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated.’ A role model is normally a person who is believed to have built a good career for themselves to a point whereby they seem to influence a lot of people especially young people. The word ‘imitated‘ is what makes me a bit uneasy.


I believe that you always do not know the full story so you cannot authoritatively say you want to be like someone or you want to imitate their ways..because trust me, most times, you cannot walk half a mile in their shoes…meaning you love them and look up to them for their result or present and not necessarily the process. But who is to blame? Then I say, define who a role model is for yourself!


One other thing too is that many young people tend to idolise these human beings referred to as ‘role models’ and that is dangerous. The fact still remains these people no matter their achievements or awesomeness are still human beings and because of that are fallible! So, imagine your idolised role model does something really scandalous….because you put this person on a very high pedestal….you feel disappointed and whether you believe it or not it will have an effect on your person. Because it is like the most important person in your life is not who you thought they were…THEY HAVE FAILED YOU!


But remember the fact that they are your role model does not stop them from being human beings…They are NOT accountable to you for no reason whatsoever! Recently, a Ghanaian actress was heavily accused of having a child outside wedlock and among some of the comments I saw, some people expressed their disappointment that what kind of example is she teaching the younger generation for doing such bla bla bla…I was pissed to be honest…like how do you tell a full grown adult how to live their lives because they are supposed to be role models to the youth….They never called themselves role models in the first place….They just happened to have found themselves in a profession which puts them out there all the time…that does not mean they should stop LIVING!


Funny enough, put these same people fond of criticism in the spotlight and they will do all sorts of things yet castigate someone for not being ‘a proper role model‘ to the youth.


I am not saying do not have role models….but be careful how you place them in your lives before you end up being disappointed because they failed to live up to the expectations you have placed upon them. A role model should inspire you to be better or achieve your dreams and that ALONE should be their essence to you…How they choose to live their personal lives should not be your CUP OF TEA.




I hope you enjoyed today’s blogpost. Let me know your thoughts! Happy new months in advance! Cheers to a fruitful August. 



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