The Silent Killer of Relationships


As humans, we always yearn to have some sort of friendship or relationship either with same sex or the opposite sex…It is a natural thing that we cannot do without….


It is great to have friends who you can share great memories with et al. Like every human relationship, there are bound to be misunderstandings which are inevitable…The best thing to do mostly is to talk to each other about it…try your best to solve it and move on. Depending on the gravity of the issue it is best sometimes to go your separate ways (friendship, marriage, relationships alike).


With reference to personal and other experiences I CAN confidently say, many people end meaningful friendships most times because they FAIL TO EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATE with each other. I am not saying just pointing out who was wrong and who was right..That is just brushing the face of the issue and it actually solves nothing. It INVOLVES sitting down, lay out the issue, where it came from, how it happened, identify each other’s mistakes or how they contributed to the problem, apologise and then EVERYONE IS HAPPY!


I really think mostly people do not understand or value the true meaning of friendships or relationships and thus allow petty things to destroy it. Some people sometimes might have a ‘problem’ with a friend and instead of voicing it out so they can talk about it (whatever it is…), they decide to keep malice and of course being a human being and personally I honestly can’t stand such attitude, then the friendship or relationship dies a natural death…..JUST LIKE THAT!


I once saw a quote which read ‘Be careful who you lose, some people are IRREPLACEABLE‘ and I agree 100%. Yes, we are all human beings and will mess up mostly…but there are some people who are gems in a person’s life and everyone probably has that kind of friend or partner…If you lose them over a trivial issue, your best bet is you may or will NEVER encounter such a person in your life again! After you finally come to your senses, you would realise a great deal of mistake you have done and it will be too late. Your only consolation will be reminiscing the moments you had together….HOW SAD!


Like I mentioned before, I know not all friendships are bound to be till the end…Personally there are some people I called ‘friends’ 5 years ago and even beyond who are not my friends anymore….some mostly due to the issue of effective communication and others I guess was for a season and it just had to end. However, ensure that in whichever way you are NOT the reason behind that friendship collapsing or end it on a bad note because this world is a very SMALL place. You do not know who eventually you will need some time in the future and how being denied that particular thing by this same ‘ex friend’ of yours might cost you.


So if you are reading this, it is time to grow up and quit keeping grudges with people. It does not help anyone…in fact you keep hurting the more. Pick up a phone, call that person, text them, go to their house…whatever you can do in your power to bury the hatchet. If it works out fine..if it does not fine! At least you tried and God knows you did. It is THEIR loss not yours.. .


I hope this blessed someone. Thanks for reading and I hope you forgive or reach out to that friend today…Effective communication is KEY!



Have a blissful week ahead!




1 thought on “The Silent Killer of Relationships”

  1. Yes! Communication is so vital. How can anyone know and understand (and love!) the real you if you’re not communicating. I was practicing polyamory for a while and I really learned how important it is to communicate your expectations and feelings!


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