My PictureMy name is Gertrude Asumadu, a 24 year old young lady who is passionate about women empowerment, girl child education and overall helping others to achieve their own dreams. I am a graduate of University of Leeds with a degree in BSc (Hons) Economics. My time in university was the turning point for me I believe as I have been able to stretch myself and in essence on way to achieving my purpose.

I have always had the idea of mentoring young girls, setting up a foundation to improve upon education of girls and healthcare system in Africa (especially as a ONE ambassador) which I am working on at the moment. At the moment, I offer translating services (from English to Twi and vice versa), tutoring services (Maths, English, Business Studies, Economics). I have also attended a number of highly competitive conferences and events in university and after university including LSE Emerging Markets Forum, Youth Assembly at the United Nations Headquarters, Women Ambassadors Forum, World Congress on Undergraduate Research, British Conference on Undergraduate Research among others. Thus, I am also offering services involving helping with applications to such programs, scholarships for university, personal statements among others.

Please feel free to contact me on various social media platforms so we can start working together!

Email: asumadugertrude@yahoo.com/asumadugertrude@gmail.com

LinkedIn: Gertrude Asumadu

Twitter: @AsumaduGertrude

Facebook: Gertrude Asumadu